The Next Ride: Sunday 15 November 2015 – Haywards Heath to Crabtree circular

It has to be admitted that this ride has a few “undulations” and a couple of stretches of busy road, but this is more than compensated for by cycling some of the finest sunken lanes in Sussex, more or less traffic-free and some magnificent views. We leave from Haywards Heath Station (where there is a lift to and from the platform if required).

We make our way via Harlands Road and a path through some woods to Cuckfield High Street from there via the A272 to the wonderful Pickwell Lane, from there we go along Broxmead Lane and London Road to Jeremy’s Lane with its vista to the South Downs, then down Colwood Lane and Cross Colwood Lane until we join Spronkett’s Lane, take a left along Bull Lane and carry on along Picts Lane.

All of these lanes with their expressive names are a delight to cycle on. Then we hit the A281 and ride less than a mile to The Crabtree for lunch. After lunch we ride down Mill Lane, after the first half mile this becomes an unpaved private road, not ideal for a road bike with 23mm tyres but a decent surface. From there we go up Longhouse Lane to Warninglid and a straightforward route back to Haywards Heath.

About 20 miles

There are frequent trains to Haywards Heath and for the return.

We propose to catch the 10.07 which takes just 12 minutes.  Meet at Haywards Heath station at 10.19.

Some idea of numbers for lunch would be useful. My mobile is 07803730401.

As always on winter rides there is the possibility of bad weather so if the forecast is really bad check your email.


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