Dear All

As always at this time of year attention turns to plans for 2016.  As you’ll see below I’ve scheduled our traditional New Year “Brunch” ride for 2 January – which worked well last year.  But it’s always possible that weather forecasts may dictate a last minute change.

Beyond this I’m working on the notion that with the first Sunday of the year falling on 3 January we wouldn’t want to schedule the first “proper” ride of the year for that date.  We might, after all, if the forecast so suggested, end up with postponing our New Year ride till then.

So, I’m thinking that our first ride – apart from that – should be on 10 January. That is if I’ve worked it out right – please check yourself and let me know if I’ve got it wrong  – wouldn’t be the first time!

One advantage of this date is that on a fortnightly schedule from it we will miss the beginning of BST on 27 March.  However, if we continue it for the rest of 2016 one of our rides will fall on the end of BST on 30 October.  We don’t need to take a decision on this until nearer the time, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to think about it now.  There seem to me two possibilities.

To schedule 30 October, the argument being that it’s much more important to avoid the beginning of BST than the end.  Inconvenient if you turn up an hour early for a ride but much less so than if you are an hour late!

To skip 30 Oct and have the ride on 6 Nov with consequent changes till the end of the year

As I’ve already said no need to make a decision about this until much nearer the time but I will, from the next issue of this newsletter, assume we are going for a 10 January “proper” start unless anyone tells me I’ve got it wrong.

Christmas festivities

Those of us going to the Christmas lunch at the Café Rouge (Brighton Marina) will need to act on Angela’s instructions(below) before too long – though I will repeat this in the next issue – just in case

With regard to choosing what you would like to eat, Café Rouge have asked that this be done at least one week before 16th December and this can be done online through their website. Please make sure that when making the booking, you make it clear that you are with the ‘Clarion Cycling Group’ as this is the name under which the booking has been made.

This link should work

Otherwise on the website go to “Menus” then “Festive Menus” and choose from the “Christmas Party” menu. Any queries to Angela on  01273 304739.


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