Burns Night edition

Dear All

Well, thanks to Jim we are now OK for next month so I’m now hoping to hear – preferably from someone (or ones) who haven’t led a ride for a while – some ideas for at least the one of the March rides.  Having said that, Jim has raised an important point about 6 March.

I was a bit worried about the pub anyway – being Mother’s Day they were talking about being very busy and possibly wanting advance orders, which is a road I really wouldn’t want to go down! (Personally I think it would be better to arrange the timetable to avoid Mother’s Day than the start of BST on the 27th!)

No reason why we can’t change the schedule – or just leave out 6 March.  I’m leaving it as is on the “Future Rides” list for the moment. But let me know what you think about Jim’s suggestion and the alternatives.

I’ve had no suggestions for motions for nominations for the national AGM but some support – and no objections – to my proposal to nominate Bob again for Standing Orders Secretary.  We certainly need one!   So I’ve sent this off to Ian Clarke.

Both Jim and Fred offered suggestions and help with my problem in copying extracts from the C19 Clarion – for which many thanks.  But my immensely talented daughter, Chloe, managed to solve the problem – which had had me tearing hair out for hours – and “normal service” is now resumed.

“You’re safer on your bike!” said my friend at the Lawns café after Sue – in a bid to keep me from going completely stir-crazy – drove me down to the Hove seafront and I hobbled over sweeping irritating passers-by aside with my trusty crutch.  The ankle is coming along fine – but frustratingly it’s still going to be a long time before I can get back on the bike.

There may still be some subs outstanding, so I’m including Julian’s reminder and form.


2016 Subs.  Julian writes:

The subscription is unchanged at £8, all of which will be passed on to the National Clarion Cycling Club as in 2015.

Prompt payment would appreciated.  Membership ceases if payment is not received.

Please complete the form attached with the newsletter and return it to me at the address on the form. 

If you prefer to pay by BACS, details of which are shown on the form, please use your surname as reference.  If you want to save a stamp and not send me the form, then email me at: to confirm your payment via BACS.  Payment by PayPal is not possible



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