Dear All       


It had to happen sometime! No-one, this time, has “come to the rescue” with a ride for 20 March.  I’m still not able to “backstop.”  So, as things stand the next rides will be on 3 and 17 April – that is if anyone volunteers to take them on!

If anyone in the meantime comes up with something for 20 March I will, of course, send it on to you ASAP. If you are seeking inspiration  as well as the reports on the blog/website you should have a look at Jim’s collection of rides on


Just to remind you The 2016 AGM will be on Monday 14 March at 8 pm at 104 Bonchurch Road, Brighton

Bonchurch Road is between Elm Grove and Hartington Road – coming up Elm Grove it is on the left after the school. Going up Hartington Rd from Lewes Road it is first on the right.  Main buses at Hartington Rd end (Melbourne St. stop) are 25 and 49. At Elm Grove end (Bonchurch Rd stop) 21, 22.

I have already circulated the agenda and minutes of last year’s AGM but I am including them again for your convenience. Also attached with this newsletter are the following documents

Secretary’s report; Treasurer’s and Webmaster’s reports

I’m also including, at Joyce’s suggestion, the Report on the Stakeholder Workshop, 9th February, which was included in the last newsletter. We don’t have a Campaigns organiser at the moment but there may be things we should discuss in the report. (Contact us if you are reading this on the website and would like copies of these documents).

Please make your own copies of the agenda and other relevant documents and bring them to the meeting. If you can’t make it I am collecting “apologies” – I’ve had  three to date.



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