Dear All

In the last but one  newsletter (23 February) I explained that though we had had a big increase in the number of people leading rides in recent years, ‘recently everything seems to have fallen to the lot of the “usual suspects” – above all  to Jim.’   In the last one on 8 March I wrote ‘No-one, this time, has “come to the rescue” with a ride for 20 March.  I’m still not able to “backstop.”  So, as things stand the next rides will be on 3 and 17 April – that is if anyone volunteers to take them on!’

Well, no one did volunteer for 20 March so there was no ride yesterday.  Over the years we have had plenty of occasions when rides have been cancelled – almost always because of bad  weather – but as far as I can recall this is the first time since we started back in 2004 that we have had no ride on a previously designated ‘ride day.’

And when it comes to the two April rides you will see that – not for the first time – Jim is taking on two successive rides.   So what about the rides in May –and beyond?  There is plenty of time for you to come up with a ride for one of the dates.  There is plenty of help available for those planning rides .  You can scroll through the reports on the blog/website  and/or have a look at Jim’s collection of ‘ready made’ rides on   I look forward  to hearing from you!

The AGM  did see a good turn-out on 14th March.  I’m attaching the minutes with this newsletter.  You’ll see that there were several good  ideas for later in the year.  Angela and Helen are planning a New Forest weekend beginning on Friday 16 September and in the much nearer future Jim undertook to ‘explore the possibility of organising a ride to meet up with the London section.’  He has now made all the necessary arrangements and the full details will appear in the next newsletter.  The thing to particularly note is that it will be – not on a Sunday as usual – but on  Saturday 16 April    As things turned out it is probably just as well we are not planning a ride the following day since the Brighton Marathon could cause problems for some – and would in any case rule out a ride starting at Palace Pier.

Also since the meeting Bob has sent me the following

Tour des Trois Vallees 25th June – 27th June 2016

The 45th annual Tour des Trois Vallees in 2016 is a series of touring rides organised by the Cyclo-Club Dieppois based on the roads and lanes of the countryside in and around Dieppe, offering various distances (from 30k to 200k) to suit both families and keen club cyclists. A walk is generally offered for non-cyclists.

You will also see that Anne was going to write Cllr Gill Mitchell, Chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee concerning the problems at Dukes Mound reported by Joyce and Leon in their report on the Stakeholders’ Workshop.  She has done this and received the following reply:

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your email and comments in relation to Dukes Mound and speeding traffic.  I will find out why the road was not included in the 20mph scheme and see what the possibilities are for getting it included.  Within the council’s Local Transport Plan capital budget I have included a specific amount for 20mph limit monitoring of phase 3 and any associated works that may be needed to support that, so there could be a possibility of Dukes Mound being looked at in conjunction with that work.

Best wishes,


I will keep you posted of developments in future newsletters.



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