21 April  2016                                                             

Dear All       

Leon’s illness

I’ve received the following update from Leon which is typical of him in being so positive. I did check with him about including it in this newsletter. We all   hope that the treatment works as completely and as soon as possible.

Hello Ian this is my situation so far.

I have had a month of tests and have been told I have a malignant cancer in my throat and lymph glands. It is aggressive and will be treated as a priority with radio therapy starting on Monday 18-April and being five days each week for six weeks. Also I will have Chemotherapy one day each week for same period. It’s been recommend that I stay active and walk/cycle as much as possible but they say that as the treatment progresses I will become less energetic. Things will never return to the state I enjoyed previously.

Boots   Leon

Future Rides

As noted last time Jim’s ride planning meeting was very successful and has – so far – produced all the rides listed below. But we are still short of a ride for 15 May.  The next dates free after that are the two June ones.  One tip I picked up from Alex (of London Clarion) on Saturday is that he finds using Google Street view useful in planning rides.  It can sometimes save the need for a recon.

I’ve also heard from Dave Churchill who writes:

I have finally finished my 4 days training, including a compulsory CTC Group Leaders Certificate, as a South Downs National park Cycling Ambassador. In this role I will be leading /assisting with rides in the Adur Valley and surrounding area and in conjunction with M’s Cycles of Shoreham.

These rides are primarily easy rides aimed at either getting people that might be new to cycling to venture into the SDNP or have been absent from cycling for some time or lacking confidence to gain skills and experience. These rides will obviously make use of many aspects of the SDNP and will be on quiet roads and bridleways and cycle routes such as the Downs Link. They will be especially suited to families and young children as well as those wanting to venture off road on easy terrain and consequently easy paced.The aim is also that riders do not have to have mountain or trail bikes but road bikes with non slick tyres will be suitable.

There will be specific rides such as rides to Chanctonbury Ring that might be more suitable for specific riders or bikes but these rides will be described fully so that people can decide whether they want to go on them. Rides for specific ages or abilities can be catered for. A recent ride was to the site of the old RAF station at Truleigh Hill where an ex RAF Officer gave an interesting talk on its function and layout both during WW 2 and the Cold War.A cross section of ages was represented on the ride from teens to seventies as well as a cross section of bikes including a road bike accompanied by its rider in full lycra!

The surfaces ridden on ranged from local Shoreham roads to the minor road to Truleigh Hill and then on the South Downs Way.

The rides will take place every month and short ones are planned for the evenings where demand exists. A special point to note is that the rides will usually have one of the shop mechanics on the ride, a very useful thing in the event of incidents!

The rides will be publicised on the SDNP web site as well as M’s Cycles web site. For the moment have a look at  if you are interested

Autumn Meet

Jim writes:

The Clarion Autumn Meet is a weekend of cycling, based in Coalport on the river Severn in Shropshire. It sounds like the sort of thing those of us who are not into competitive or overly-energetic cycling might like: lots of rides for all ages and abilities (see the report “ A View From Jenny’s Chariot” in the recent “Boots and Spurs”). The 2016 Autumn Meet will take place on the weekend 14-16 October. Accommodation will be at the Coalport Youth Hostel:

I am planning to go, but it would be nice to know that there were others from Brighton going too. Please email me if you are interested.

To book a place, all you need to do is book your accommodation. But remember that youth hostels book up pretty early nowadays, so I’d advise you to get it booked soon. For those who don’t like sleeping in dormitories, there are 2 and 4 person private rooms that can be booked.

Tessa’s Open House during the Festival

Here is the flyer.   On the basis of past visits I can say it’s well worth dropping in.

Eflyer 2016



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