Dear All

Many people will know that Adam Yates came fourth in the Tour de France and first in the ‘best young rider’ competition’ but unless you read Sunday’s Observer you probably don’t know about his Clarion background.

‘Bury Clarion Club will celebrate one of their own , 23-year old Adam Yates’  says the article which gives a potted history of the Clarion.  Both Adam and his twin brother Simon began their cycling careers with Bury Clarion.  Our friend and occasional contributor to this newsletter, Peter Roscoe, is quoted several times in the Observer piece which describes him as ‘membership secretary and club oracle who has been with the club since 1949.’

So well done Adam, Peter and Bury Clarion.  Great publicity!


I’m including Jim’s message about next Saturday.  It has already gone out to the google group but not everyone is on that.  See below

No offers yet for September.  Time marches on!



Jim writes:

Dear all

I have done a recce for this. I think it will take us about an hour and a half to get up to the Beacon. As the Londoners are predicting an arrival time of 4pm, we should set off from the Level at 2pm. We ride along Lewes Road, through Stanmer Park, and up through the village onto a dirt track, which, after a slightly unpleasant, uphill stony bit about three quarters of a mile long (we can walk it) becomes a nice smooth, relatively level path through lovely woods (Highpark Wood) for just under a mile, and emerges onto a fairly level section of Ditchling Road, a mile south of the Beacon. There will be ice creams at the Beacon. We may have to wait for the Londoners – but what a place to wait!

Due to the uncertainty in the Londoners’ arrival time, I have booked a table at the Signalman pub in Ditchling Rise for 6pm, and assuming they are not too late we plan to head for the beach first, maybe even have a dip, then head for the pub. The Londoners will be returning by train.

I will need to have numbers for the pub. You don’t need to ride if you just want to eat and drink, but tell me! As for getting up there, you can follow my route, ride up the Ditchling Road all the way, or even try your luck on the 79 bus from the Old Steine at 3.15 pm. Total distance for the round trip is about 12 miles.



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