Dear All

Last time I began the newsletter with a mention of the Observer article about the relationship of Adam Yates, who did so brilliantly in the Tour de France last month, with Bury Clarion.  I quoted our old friend Peter Roscoe, the ‘club oracle.’

Peter is on our mailing list and I soon received an email from him  saying ‘Pleased you picked this up –  I take you saw Ian and Monty in the picture.’   I hadn’t.  So I had another look at the paper on-line and there, sure enough (how did I miss it?) was, cheering Adam on at the side of the road, our national secretary. Ian Clarke with his son Monty perched on his shoulders.

So, I emailed Ian, asking

  • Where was the photo taken?
  • Was it a news photo or one yours?
  • What does it say on the placard – not the right word – Monty is holding?
  • How did the the paper get onto this?  Peter?

And here’s his reply:

The photo was taken by one of the Tour’s professional photographers, it was pure coincidence that the article about Adam and the Bury Clarion, had us in the background.

It was taken on the Sallanches to Megeve TT stage and we were on the Cote de Domancy, in the shadow of Mont Blanc. Unfortunately, Peter Dejong the photographer owns the photo, but I have managed to get a high resolution copy for my own personal use.

And Monty’s card says ‘go Yates go’… it’s almost as if we planned the photo, but honest, all we did was stand in the best place we could find.

The photo has been in the Telegraph, The Times. the Observer and the San Francisco Chronicle

Well, what an amazing coincidence – and what good publicity for the Clarion CC – at least in the Observer.

You will see below that I have now completed our ride dates till the end of the year.  I’ve put a * by 30 October because this is when BST ends.  I usually try to avoid the beginning and end of BST because of the danger of people forgetting until it’s too late. We could of course skip this one, but it’s less of a problem when the clocks go back because if anyone forgets it just means they turn up an hour early and have a wait – a whole lot better than at the other end of summer time when you would find the ride had left an hour before!  Anyway, let me know what you think.

It is in any case a bit academic at the moment since we are still short of any offers for September.  Anyone for 4 September?  As usual I will let you know as soon as I get a volunteer.




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