The Next Ride: Sunday 2 October 2016 – Shoreham – Bramber – Steyning Circular

Note: this ride replaces the postponed Palace Pier to Peacehaven ride

Meet at Shoreham station at 11.15. A circular ride to Bramber/Steyning via Downslink and Coombe Road, not necessarily that way round. The distance will be about 11 miles. We will aim for a circular ride using the Downslink and Coombe Road. We can decide on the day which order to choose. For those who want a longer ride, they can cycle from Brighton to Shoreham and cycle back that way as well, adding either 7 or 14 miles. I may decide to do this myself if the weather looks promising.

The train from Brighton leaves at 11 am and arrives in Shoreham at 11.15. (Trains from Brighton are every half hour on Sunday).

There are several possible eating places in Bramber and Steyning, and if the weather is warm, there is the possibility of a picnic.

It would be helpful in choosing a lunch stop to have numbers so do let me know if you are coming on 07787402229. Thanks.



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