Dear All

Well, we didn’t get a volunteer for a ride today – not entirely surprising given what the weather has been like (and see Anne’s report below) but John has come up with something for 19th (see below also). So we’re now looking for volunteers for the two March dates – once more 5th and 19th. The last of these misses ‘the Ides of March’ by a few days- so we should be OK!

The 2017 AGM
In the last newsletter I reminded everyone that we always have the AGM on a weekday evening and since Roger & Suzanne can’t make Thursday or Fridays the choice narrows to a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I asked that anyone intending to attend who has a regular commitment on any of these evenings to me know at once and we’ll try and avoid that one. No one did – but since it’s been a while since the last newsletter I’ll ask again (for a final time!). I suggest that we go for a date late in March.

Anyone who still hasn’t renewed for 2017 – and wants to of course – please don’t leave it any longer but get in touch with Julian. He tells me that so far 33 people have paid their subs which means, I think, that there are at least 7 who haven’t renewed. Fine, if you don’t want to but if you’ve just forgotten please help Julian by delaying no longer!


Dave Gravett
In the last newsletter I reported the sad news of the death of Dave Gravett, a contemporary of the late Brian Hutton in the old Brighton Clarion section back in the late 1940s and early 1950s and mentioned a photo I hadn’t been able to track down which showed ‘Dave doing a very stylish bit of fast cornering during a time-trial.’ Fred chased it up and it’s now on the website [above]. I intended to include it in this newsletter but have been defeated – not for the first time- by my lack of technical knowhow!

I also said that though I’d tried to get him to come along to some of our social events I’d had no success. Not quite true. Sue reminded me that he did turn up – as did Brian – to at least one of the two Christmas get-togethers we had in 2004 and 2005 at The Swan at Falmer.

Also in this newsletter you’ll find an interesting report from Joyce and Leon as well as Anne’s one on the ‘Last Ride’ – which now seems quite a long time ago. She wrote it with exemplary speed but there was no point in doing a newsletter until I had a ‘next ride’ to tell you about.


Membership subscriptions for 2017.

The subscription is unchanged at £8, all of which will be passed on to the National Clarion Cycling Club, as in 2016.

Prompt payment would appreciated. Membership ceases if payment is not received.

Please complete the form attached with the newsletter and return it to Julian at the address on the form.

If you prefer to pay by BACS, details of which are shown on the form, please use your surname as reference. If you want to save a stamp and not send me the form, then email me at: to confirm your payment via BACS. Payment by PayPal is not possible.


Sustainable Travel Transition Fund Meeting – Whitehawk Library – 24 January 2017

Leon & Joyce attended this meeting as did Mick, which was the second consultation meeting concerning the Sustainable Transport Fund Bid under which the Council was awarded £485,000 to deliver the Local Transport White Paper: – “Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon” ,in East Brighton – (essentially access to/from and within Whitehawk, taking in the Marina). The main aims include support local economy, reduce carbon emissions, and actively promote increased levels of physical activity through walking and cycling. The projects 2016/2017 will include:

  • Personalised travel planning
  • Business and University planning
  • Road safety campaigns
  • Walk and cycling permeability (making improvements to the highways to make it safer for people to walk or cycle)
  • Pedestrian way-finding

Joyce & Leon reported on their experience of access to Whitehawk from the Hanover area:-

  1. Elm Grove/Warren Road/Wilson Avenue: – Narrow Road/fast traffic/uphill until Wilson Avenue
  2. Bentham Road/Pankhurst Avenue/Manor Hill: – Fast roads Manor Hill particularly difficult, cars & vans parked on left forcing vehicles to navigate on wrong side – keep left signs taking precious space – buses in both directions with little passing space in narrow road. A dangerous road for cyclists.
  3. Eastern Road: – High volume of Traffic, many buses in two-way road, insufficient space for cyclists to ride safely.
  4. Madeira Drive/ Dukes Mound/Lewes Crescent/Bristol Gardens/ Whitehawk Road (wide pavement which could be potential cycle way). This is the longest but safest route (but see comments re Dukes Mound – and route through the tunnel).

Dukes Mound had been discussed at previous meeting: – Fast speed of cars, no walkway for walkers – problem at bottom with cyclists needing to cross to access cycle lane – west to east cycle route confusing – signing not clear. This area should be 20mile limit.

Other issues raised were: need for secure cycle storage – issues around buses and cyclists. State of the roads and how dangerous potholes are for cyclists. Pedestrian crossings lacking in Whitehawk, especially Wilson venue. Cycle training should be based in East Brighton Park.

The most interesting information was the existence of the route through to Whitehawk from Elm Grove via the tunnel under the race track (unknown to me – Joyce)…

Leon & Joyce

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