Dear All

Just back less than an hour ago. This newsletter is overdue – but the ride details for 30 April were included in the last edition. I’m too busy to do a full newsletter but will include a brief report on the Easter Meet in the post 30 April one.

By which time – who knows – we may have offers for the May rides – or at least the first one on 14 May.

Masses of emails as usual when you’ve been away and not reading them – so if you contacted me while I was away – and in my defence I did warn everyone I’d be away from 12th April till today or tomorrow – it may take me a while to get round to replying. So just a couple of messages from Joyce – one you’ve had already and a new one a reminder about the next ride on 30 April and a report on last Sunday’s expedition.


Mayoral Charities Bike Ride
Sunday 23 April from 9.00 to 15.00.

The ride will start at Hove Lawns and cover some 50 miles (but one can do a part of it). The ride starts at Hove Lawns and covers Lewes – Ditchling – Woods Mill (lunch) Bramber – Shoreham.

£20 registration fee which goes to charity

Leon and Joyce will be doing it – but not all 50 miles. More information can be had from Suzi or Sarah on 01273 664 936.

Also contact Joyce or Leon for info on their route. Joyce is at and Leon at

The Dieppe Raid

Some Clarion members might be interested in the Dieppe Raid (a somewhat confusing title) – it is a cycling “get together” which takes place in Dieppe and began in commemoration of the original Canadian Raid in support of the allies in 1942. It takes place 24 – 25 June and brings together cyclists from all over the country, including many from Dieppe. Rides are organised at different levels and other events such as walks etc., are available for those who don’t cycle . There is also a dinner on the Sunday evening.

Some Clarion members are signed up already: – Joyce, Leon, Terri and David Jezeph and Bob Harber. It would be good to see some other Clarion members, it is usually a very pleasant weekend. Info and signing up can be found by googling Annual Cycling Weekend in Dieppe , or Cycle Tour in Dieppe.



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