Dear All

We sometimes have had difficulty finding people to take on rides in the winter months – understandably – but usually come the Spring it’s been more a matter of saying ‘sorry, but X has already taken that date. Would you be able to do it on Y?’

It may still turn out like that this year. But at the moment what we need especially is an offer for 11 June.

As promised (threatened?) I’ve written a piece about the beginnings of our club. Like Topsy it kept growing and growing so I’ve relegated it to what’s usually been our ‘history’ slot after the details of the next ride and Angela’s report of the last one.

Much more succinct is the message I received a while back from John:

It takes two to tandem
It certainly does. I have one hanging from my workshop ceiling. It’s collecting lots of dust and hasn’t been used for years. Anyone fancy a spin? It’s a beautiful machine, hand built by Richmond Cycles and light. I used it quite a lot years ago. If you like speed, push the pedals and away it would go. Who needs an electric bike when you can have a partner.
 I would suggest a test ride at some point along the prom.  If that satisfies a suitable ride with the Clarion could follow. 


Sorry about the spacing of the last line, John. Don’t know what went wrong.



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