31 May 2017

Dear All

A bit late so just a short newsletter this time. As you’ll see all our ride slots are now filled until the end of July.

Last Sunday was very frustrating. As I predicted might be the case in my cancellation message the way it turned out we could have had our ride on the Cuckoo Trail and Pevensey Levels without any weather problems.

But I suspect that if we had gone ahead with it we would have been worried about the predicted ‘torrential downpours’ throughout the day – wondering whether, in spite of the clear sky, something of that sort was suddenly going to materialise. And the thunder and lightning did arrive eventually – though long after we would have been safely home.

We all know that weather forecasting is not an exact science when it comes to predicting precisely when storms are going to arrive but at the end of the day you have to act on the best advice available.

I’m going to be away for both of the June rides so Roger will be looking after the newsletters. So from now on please send ride details, ride reports and anything else you want in the newsletter to Roger as well as to me.  I will be preparing the newsletters in advance as much as possible so if you can send me anything before the middle of next week I will incorporate it before sending on the ‘templates’ to Roger



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