Dear All

The frustrations of getting ever older are very upsetting – until you think about the only available alternative. On holiday last month I developed a very painful left knee and other aches and pains in the legs which had me stumbling round a number of French towns. (But Sue took pity on me and drove us round the extensive gardens at Vaux-le-Vicomte in an electric buggy – highly recommended.) Soon after I got home the knee and general leg pains began to go away – hurrah! Then, getting out of a taxi last a week or so ago I managed to get a horrible spasm in the back followed by a nasty painful ache which though now diminishing is still causing me problems.

The reason to burden you with my tale of woe is that since I had to cancel my ride (unnecessarily as it turned out – but you have to act on the best weather forecasts available) I have earmarked 20 August as a possible date on which to try to do it again. It’s still possible that this might happen – but since Julian has also volunteered his Chichester ride for that date I’ve put him down for it provisionally. Either way we’re OK for rides until the start of September (volunteers please!) and I hope that I will at least get out on a ride – and preferably lead one – before the end of the year.

Recent mailings have been followed by a number of ‘undelivered’ messages – presumably because the email addresses in question are no longer operative. If you do change yours please let me know so I can modify the mailing list and you can continue to receive newsletters.

I am forwarding to you separately news of next year’s Easter Meet. This is much earlier than usual so congratulations to the organisers is definitely in order.

At the Chester Meet earlier in the year there was considerable discussion about the future of the Easter Meet and especially whether it should be moved from Easter (where it’s been for the last 122 years – so the likelihood of change there seems a bit remote).

With both in mind I have chosen for my extract from the 1890s in this issue a piece that illustrates that controversy about the Meet has been more or less endemic from the start. True, in this instance it’s where rather than when that is puzzling Jim (of the Bradford Clarion – definitely not OUR Jim!) but it does make my point in a general way.



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