The Brunch Ride – 2 January

Clarion at Carats

L-R Anne, Mick, Coralie, Joyce, Leon, Wendy, Sue, Ian, Julia, Jim, Suzanne, Angela.

Reporter: Did you have a good start to the New Year?

Clarionette: It was great. We went to Carat’s café and had a good old chin-wag.

Reporter:  Who’s “we”.

Clarionette:  Well, there was Angela C and Angela D; Coralie, Fred and Ian; all the Js – Jim, John, Joyce and Julia with Leon, Mick, Roger Sue, Suzanne, not forgetting Wendy.

Reporter:  And what were your chins wagging about?

Clarionette:  The usual:  aches and pains; slipping gears and soggy saddles; Corbyn, Lucas and May; golf and grandchildren; holidays and housework; housing and homelessness. Everything really.

Reporter:  And a good ride there and back?

Clarionette:  Bracing might be the word.  A brisk south-west wind didn’t really slow us down after we’d set off from the Palace Pier on the way there and the tipping rain was more or less on our backs on the return journey.

Reporter:  And I suppose you all got there on your bikes?

Clarionette:  No comment.

Reporter:  Not even a hint?

Clarionette: State secret!

Reporter:  OK.  OK.  See you next year.



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