The Last Ride. Sikka’s Report

Sunday 7 January 2018: Cooden to Catsfield circular

Catsfield's other church
Catsfield’s other church

Present:   Jim, Wendy, Angela D, Tessa and Sikka.   On the long journey to Cooden Beach we changed trains at Eastbourne.    Attempting to leave our bikes locked on the platform we were warned we risked a £50 fine as police surveillance had already alerted the security staff of the potential threat they posed!   We moved them.

Out of Cooden Beach station we cycled northwards through quiet residential streets, eventually climbing our first hill up Peartree Lane. The discovery of hills on this route, having been absent from the outline for the ride and presumably not experienced on the previous, identical, excursion, it was concluded that climate change, with consequent continental drift, had caused tectonic plates to collide and raise the land around Cooden to new heights. Satisfied with this explanation we ploughed on.

We paused at High Woods carpark and noted signs for a quarry on the opposite side of the road.   On the way back we would pass on the other side of this quarry and see massive high towers of  building bricks.  Must be a brick-works??

Donkey silhouette

Skyline at the top of Potman’s Lane. Can you spot the donkey?

A delicious lunch at the White Hart in Catsfield was followed by an adventure in mud and water when the group opted to follow the longer, off-road route back to Cooden via Coombe Valley countryside park.     To recover from this ordeal, we took refuge in the Cooden Beach Hotel for a celebration of Tessa’s birthday with tea and scones and the singing of ‘happy birthday’.

The weather was cold but sunny with blue skies, a fine day to be on a bike.   The countryside was varied, lots of woods and fields and quiet lanes – and hills.

Altogether a delightful ride in good company.   Thank you Jim


Sunset sky at Cooden Beach

Sunset sky over Cooden Beach



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