27 January 2018

Dear All

A much shorter newsletter than usual – partly because there’s no ‘last ride’ report since Tessa and Sikka had to cancel (but see below) and because I’ve been waiting for Jim – who stepped in at the last moment – to be able to confirm his ride for 4 February  (see below)

Also partly because it’s my birthday today (77 since you ask) and I’m under strict instruction not to wear myself out!

Tessa and Sikka have rescheduled for 18 Feb so now we are looking for offers for March.


Tessa and Sikka went to Eastbourne Hospital last Sunday to see Julian. Since then I’ve been in touch with him by phone and email and Sue and I are hoping to visit him sometime during the coming week.  He says ‘Quite a long rehab needed’ so he’s likely to be in hospital for a while.  He was moved in the middle of the week to the Solomon Ward, Barry Building, Royal Sussex County.

Easter Meet (1)

First a reminder from Ian Clarke. Nominations have to be in by 9th February.  So far  we are nominating only Bob for Standing Orders Secretary.  If anyone wants to suggest others please let me know in good time


Whilst some of our officers are still willing to stand for re-election, you still have the option to nominate alternative candidates for these posts, including the National committee (and National secretary).

However, we do have some clear vacancies with no current person in that office. It is essential for the Clarion to continue as you know it, that we find volunteers for these important roles:


Expected to be the chairman at three committee meetings (usually held centrally in the UK) and the annual conference at Easter. This is an important role that helps ensure that the constitution, democracy and fairness are held up and that all relevant views are heard. David Bisset has done a perfect job of this role, but will not be standing for re-election.

Membership secretary

With the completed roll-out of the Clarion-wide online membership system, this roll has completely changed in the last 18 months. We now need a person with strong computer literacy skills and good diligence to oversee the support and administration that section membership secretaries need. This is quite an impressive role that would look good on anyone’s CV.

Boots and Spurs editor  

It would be hard not to be proud of yourself, if you were the person behind this fabulous and award winning magazine. Well, we are all proud of Matthew Ball, but now we need someone else to take on the magazine otherwise it will not carry on. We need a creative, organised and dynamic person to pull together all content and images, and lay them out in an impressive magazine, and then pass it over to the printer. (the printer is already in place, and they organise the mail merge)

I ask everyone who receives this email, to consider carefully who could be suitable candidates for these roles.

Easter Meet: A message from Alan Kiddle

I just wanted to draw to your attention that one of Tom Grooms relatives will be officially opening the Easter Meet this year. Purely by coincidence they live close to Southend and made contact as they were researching their family history and suddenly saw that we were holding the Easter Meet in Southend! Alex and I and the rest of London Clarion are really hoping that you and other members of B&H will be able to attend Easter this year as it’s the first time it’s been in the South for many years.Tom Groom was of course, more than any other individual, the founder of the Clarion Cycling clubs back in the 1890s. Later he had a weekly column in the paper with the rather modern-sounding title Cyclorama and is today commemorated every year with the Tom Groom trophy awarded to the section which has “given the most meritorious service to the National Club”.(see some early entries in the ‘history’ section for more details)



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