The Next Ride: Sunday 4 February 2018

Haywards Heath to Wivelsfield (or Haywards Heath)

Haywards Heath – Cuckfield – Slough Green –

Goddards Green – Burgess Hill – World’s End – Haywards Heath

The last time we did this ride, in April 2016, I bunked off after only a mile and let Julian take over. This time, I promise to stay to the end. But where will the end be? I am tempted to say Wivelsfield station, with its nice step-free access to the southbound platform; but if anyone desperately wants to go back to Haywards Heath I promise to accompany them.

From the suburbs of Haywards Heath we will go through Blunts Wood & Paiges Meadow Nature Reserve, which has a good cycle path. We reach Cuckfield, and then encounter three very nice Clarionesque lanes: Buncton Lane, Stairbridge Lane and Jobs Lane.

As last time, we will have lunch at the Sportsman at Goddards Green, where we should arrive at about 12.30.

After lunch we continue eastwards towards Burgess Hill. Here there is another nature reserve, Bedelands Farm, which is nice, but not ideal cycling country so we probably won’t venture in. This area is known as World’s End, and is not particularly near Wivelsfield, but it is home to Wivelsfield Station. Returning to Haywards Heath involves a slightly undulating route, along Valebridge Road, passing over the East Adur at Vale Bridge.


Start at Haywards Heath Station at 10:35. Meet at the Boltro Road exit (which is the exit from Platforms 3 and 4, where the train will arrive). Make for the lift towards the south end of the station (i.e. looking back towards the tunnel and Brighton) and turn left onto the footbridge (i.e. not towards the new multi-storey car park).

Length: 13 miles if returning from Wivelsfield, or 17 miles to Haywards Heath.

Duration: About 4 hours, or 5 if going back to Haywards Heath.

Terrain: Mainly quiet tarmacked lanes, some B roads. The nature reserve has a good cyclable surface. Mainly flat with a few “undulations”.

How to Get There: Catch the 10:14 Bedford train from Brighton, or any earlier train.

Return Trains: From Haywards Heath: 22, 28, 56 minutes past the hour. From Wivelsfield: 26 minutes past the hour, or 36 minutes past and change at Haywards Heath.

Note: I have not done a repeat recce as this was a last-minute addition. However I have checked that the pub still exists, and have booked it.




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