Dear All

I am going to be away for the planned dates of the next two newsletters. (I’ll be home in between them!). So, if you are reporting on the next ride (18th Feb – Sikka and Tessa) or 4 March – assuming it is claimed by someone – please send your report to Roger who will be sending out the newsletters. He is at I will try to send out a reminder about this just before each of the rides.

The same applies, of course, to anything else you want in the newsletter. Contributions are always welcome!

Jim has volunteered again – provisionally – to lead the ride on 18 March but needs to check the details. So we now need an offer for 4 March

Sue and I went to see Julian at Sussex County last week and I visited him again earlier this afternoon. It looks like he will still be in hospital for some time – though we all hope not too long. The perenial NHS shortages aren’t helping. He emailed me on Sunday saying ‘Full diagnosis awaits further MRI and X-rays… needing much more physio as staff shortages have caused many days with none.’

He’s now in the Donald Hall War in the Barry Building but best to check his location by email before going to see him.

2018 AGM
I have consulted Anne and Mick who are hosting the AGM this year and we have provisionally settled on Tuesday 20 March. However, it could be moved to the following day – Wed 21st – so I anyone has a regular commitment on Tuesdays please let me know by next week. I will confirm the date in the next newsletter.



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