The Last Ride: Sunday 4th February 2018 Haywards Heath – Wivelsfield

Four very well wrapped up Clarionistas (Jim, Sikka, Sean, Angela D and one guest rider, Peter) met on a bright but bitterly cold Sunday morning to go to Haywards Heath, that glorious centre of commuterland and suburbia. Our leader led us skilfully away from the traffic dominated excrescences of the outskirts, but not without some rumblings of discontent about the cold and the lack of coffee. One particular malcontent suggested coffee at Cuckfield, but then blithely cycled on when she failed to hear the others agree (being hard of hearing and with multiple scarves around my ears); however she redeemed herself by finding a café with a view, at Cuckfield golf club. For those who wish to follow in our tracks, the grid reference is TQ295258.

View from Cuckfield Golf Centre

A rather grainy photo of the view from the café with a view

Much restored by elevenses/second breakfast/morning coffee we sped off (this may be taken in more of a metaphorical sense, especially in the case of the writer, who is well-known for alighting at the bottom of a hill and wheezing loudly all the way up) to turn southwards after Slough Green along the delightful Broxmead Lane, where we navigated puddles and bridges and a pony rider with a duvet wrapped around herself and her horse. Clarionistas were united in the desirability of such winter garb and we promised ourselves to follow suit on further rides.

Broxmead Lane

Broxmead lane

At Goddards Green we lunched extremely well at The Sportsman; roast dinners and puy lentils done imaginatively. Talk was agreeable and united on such subjects as the failure of the railways and unreliable narrators, although I believe rugby or some such was also discussed. We toasted Julian in absentia and wished him a speedy recovery.

The leader has kindly provided the writer with a detailed breakdown of mileage and timing; alas it is well known that Jim’s strengths lie in the art of fiction, while the writer never deviates from fact, so these have not been incorporated into the report.

An excellent, pleasant ride, perfect for a cold but sunny winter’s day; an invigorating and enjoyable time was had by all. Many thanks to our leader who navigated us so well and found us the obscurely hidden cycle friendly ramp up to the southbound station at Wiveslfield.

Angela Devas

To which Sean adds: You’ll all be relieved that I retraced my steps to cuckfield golf club and collected me bag 👍🏻🚲

Cuckfield Golf Centre


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