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Dear All

Ian is away so I am looking after this newsletter.

It’s never an easy decision to cancel a ride, but I’m sure it was sensible of Sikka and Tessa to do so last Sunday. Let’s hope they are able to re-instate it soon.

Our next ride will be led by Angela D and Wendy. Let’s hope the current spring-like weather is still around on the 18th.

Roger (

Messages from Ian:
Any offers for the April rides – especially the April Fool Day one?

Julian is now home and continuing his recuperation. He can be reached via

2018 AGM
As previously announced, the 2018 AGM will be on Wednesday 21 March at 31 Bristol Gate, Brighton starting at 8 p.m. I’ll send out the agenda (let me know if there’s anything you want to include) and the rest of the necessary papers when I return from holiday a week before the meeting.

Here’s Mick’s directions for getting there again. He adds that parking restrictions stop at 8 pm:

“Bristol Gate is the road that leads up to A&E. If you carry on past A&E, bear right and we are the last house on the north side of the road. So any bus going to the RSCH will work. As for parking this is usually very difficult to impossible, although at that time of night may be OK but perhaps best to park in Manor Road and walk up the twitten between Manor Road which runs westwards on the south side of the Manor Road Gym past the scout hut and we are the first house on the right. One car can park in our driveway. Bikes can go in the garage.”

Easter Meet
Ian Clarke has sent us a correction to the earlier messages already circulated:

My mistake, the venue of the National Clarion Annual Conference is not at the main hotel, but at Hadleigh Park:

10 am Conference (AGM) at Hadleigh Park  Essex, SS7 2PP

Please ensure your delegates are informed of this important bit of information.

News about Cycling UK campaigns – see also letter to Joyce below

Dear Ian,
Cycling UK has a long history of campaigning for cycling – not just in cities and towns, but also off-road and on road in the countryside. Following this tradition, we’ve written up our vision of what cycling beyond the Green Belt could be like in future, and we’re hoping you’ll help us bring it to life (see Headlines).

Obviously, we don’t want to see our options shrinking anywhere so, if you haven’t already, please add your voice to the thousands protesting against an outright cycling ban on a stretch of the A63 near Hull (Headlines/Act now).

Also, as we’re determined to get the best out of the rail scheme HS2, we have just petitioned against the Parliamentary Bill for Phase 2a (as we did for Phase 1). We need the infrastructure to be ‘cycle-proofed’ and construction work to keep cyclists safe (Other stories).

Amongst all the multitude of other news this month, we’re particularly pleased to report that the Department for Transport has funded our Big Bike Revival for another year – keep watch on our website for more! (Headlines).

Cherry Allan, Campaign News Editor


Message from Joyce who has received the following letter

Dear Joyce,
Ever since our foundation in 1878, we have fought tooth and nail to acquire and maintain the right for cyclists to use the highway. Now in our 140th year, we’re still fighting.

This time it’s Highways England who are seeking an order banning cyclists from a road, the A63 near Hull. The reason: cyclists can’t keep up with the motor traffic!

Cycling UK needs your help to put an end to this ill thought out proposal.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the A63 is not a road most of us would choose to ride on for pleasure, but that’s not the point. It might be the A63 this time, but if cyclists are banned from this road because they’re too slow, where will it end? It could be a road near you next!

At Cycling UK, we’re worried this will be the thin end of the wedge – that’s why we need your support. We have already submitted a detailed response to Highways England’s proposals, but we need them to realise just how many other people oppose their plans.

Highways England are not accepting objections sent by email, so we’ve made it really easy for anyone to object.  All you need to do is head to our website, fill in the required details, click “next” and you’ll be taken to a template submission which also allows you to add your own views. We will then print off your objection and deliver it along with our final response to Highways England on the consultation deadline of 12 March – by bike of course!

Over 4,000 people have already sent us their objections, but we need as many as we can get to make it clear to Highways England, and anyone else who thinks about banning cycling, that cyclists Say No to No Cycling.

Take action now!
Many thanks for your support.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Tuohy, Chief Executive Cycling UK


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