Dear All

Well, once again we have been defeated by the weather. I’m sure that Angela and Wendy did the right thing in cancelling today’s ride and I hope they will be able to offer it again at a later date.

The weather is most peculiar at the moment. Sue and I arrived in Vienna just at the beginning of last week when there was still little lumps of frozen snow and grit all over the pavement but a couple of days later we were sitting outside a café enjoying the sunshine. I do seem to remember – I think from Simone de Beauvoir’s novel The Mandarins which I read many decades ago – that as the Second World War ended early in May 1945 it was snowing in Paris. So freak late winter weather is not unprecedented, it seems.

Let’s hope that it will keep away on 15 and 29 April. It’s possible that I or Roger have already had offers for one or both of these dates. If so, please forgive me for losing track and let me know again. If not – anyone wish to take either date on?

Julian tells me his recovery looks like taking a long while. We wish him the best possible. He can be reached via

2018 AGM
Just to remind you that the 2018 AGM will be on this Wednesday at 31 Bristol Gate, Brighton starting at 8 p.m.

Here, once again are Mick’s directions for getting there. He adds that parking restrictions stop at 8 pm

“Bristol Gate is the road that leads up to A&E. If you carry on past A&E, bear right and we are the last house on the north side of the road. So any bus going to the RSCH will work. As for parking this is usually very difficult to impossible, although at that time of night may be OK but perhaps best to park in Manor Road and walk up the twitten between Manor Road which runs westwards on the south side of the Manor Road Gym, past the scout hut and we are the first house on the right. One car can park in our driveway. Bikes can go in the garage.”

Sad News
I have just learned of the death of Denis Pye author of Fellowship is Life. The National Clarion Cycling Club 1895-1995 which, in less than 100 pages, gives a lively and well-illustrated account of the first century of the Clarion CC.



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