The Next Ride: Sunday 1 April 2018 “Brighton Pier to Worthing Pier”

The weather has been so unreliable of late that I have proposed a short, easy ride along part of the NCR2 that follows the south coastal route from Dover to Exeter. We will constrain our ride to the local section from Brighton to Worthing between the two piers, a distance of only 12 miles each way.

The advantage is that there are options of at least six havens along the route where we could stop for coffee and snacks if it starts to rain or a short rest is suggested. The route is completely flat with no undulations and for the greater part follows cycle pathways or quiet back streets. The hardest section will be cycling on a busy Easter Sunday between Widewater Lagoon and the Perch on Lancing Beach, where the NCR2 becomes a shared pathway and will necessitate weaving safely between walkers, dogs, children and oncoming cyclists, with priority to pedestrians.

We can either take lunch at the Southern Pavilion Café on Worthing Pier or the more adventurous gastronomists could explore the many temptations along Montague Street.

We should have time for a coffee stop on both the outward and inward journeys if the queues are not too long.

Southern and Network Rail permitting, there should be regular trains from Worthing Station back into Hove and Brighton about every twenty minutes for anyone wishing to stay and further explore the many attractions of Worthing.

Meet at Brighton Pier at 10am for a 10.15am departure.



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