Dear All

As you’ll see from ‘Future Rides’ we are now in the happy position of having not only the next two rides covered but two more of the summer ones already spoken for. The next one we need an offer for is 10 June.

Latest from Julian – Wendy reports
Jim and I called in to see Julian yesterday [21 April] and were pleased to find him looking relaxed and well, and a delight to chat with, as ever. It was interesting although unsurprising that whichever angle and whatever room one viewed Julian from, there was a permanent backdrop of books! 

He was able to walk around his flat with the aid of a frame and has also managed a short walk to the local shops with one of his physiotherapists. As he mentioned to you previously, he has several hospital appointments lined up over the next few weeks and is looking forward to having a proper diagnosis and prognosis. In the meantime he is having physio a couple of times a week and also has a home help who does his shopping etc., so quite a busy schedule. As we know, Julian pursues many interests and consequently has a number of folk from a wide variety of local groups wanting to pay him a visit, so it seems he has his social life covered for the time being. 

Jim made himself useful by downloading an app on to one of Julian’s computers and doing some minor furniture removals, and I straightened a rug, so we felt our visit was of some practical use. 

Julian mentioned that he likes to read our ride reports, and sends his best wishes to his fellow Clarionistas.


You can contact him via

Cycle-friendly infrastucture
You don’t have to do much cycling around Brighton and Hove to come to the conclusion that though provision for cycling has certainly improved compared to, say, 20 years ago there is still plenty of things that need improving. For example, in the days of the council’s cycling consultation group I raised several times the potential danger of the cycle path that goes along the eastern section of Kings Esplanade – the one that passes Marroccos – which surely should either be continued off-road as it is for the bit behind the King Alfred or at least moved to the other side of the road – presently taken up by parking – to lessen the potentially dangerous junctions with two roads coming on the seafront. All in vain. The latest edition of Cycling UK’s ‘Cycleclips’ has news of a national campaign I think we should support. What do you think? Perhaps it’s something Joyce could take up as Campaigns organiser? Here’s the Cycleclips piece

Smart, safe design
One of the recommendations in our “Cycle Safety: make it simple” report, is to create consistent cycle-friendly infrastructure. At present, guidance and design for cycling infrastructure fluctuates widely and can be conflicting, unclear and often dangerous. But it’s not all doom and gloom, the Government are currently commissioning a review on Cycling Infrastructure Design and we are asking you to support our call for a practical, consistent single approach to designing it. Cycling UK’s Roger Geffen explains this more in his blog and you can support our recommendation by taking our online action today. For a full and comprehensive explanation of our six simple recommendations, check out our live chat on Facebook from earlier this week or visit our website.



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