Dear All

My computer crashed at the end of last week and it’s only just been fixed. I think I’ve managed to catch up with replying to emails – but if anyone still hasn’t received a reply please get in touch again.

You’ll see that I’ve left Jim’s piece on the Bath-Bristol ride in September for at least a second time.

Poor (not so) old Simon Yates- but what a performance for someone barely in his mid-20s.

Clarion History
I ended my end-of-the-newsletter piece on Clarion history with an account of how I learned that the Cycling Club was still going decades after I assumed it had died out. This has inspired Bob to tell us about his first unexpected encounter with the CCC. And here it is:


If your Clarion riders at Bourne YH were indeed en route to Skegness, you are forgiven for being hazy about the year, as Easter Meet was at Skegness in each of the years 1971, 1972, 1977, 1981, 1987 and 1991.

My intro came at Easter 1996. I took the train to Llandudno with David and Jeane Lepper, for the Co-operative Party conference.
I had my bike with me, so as to ride back to Brighton after the conference.

From Llandudno railway station I was riding to the Co-op Party conference hotel when a weather beaten mature cyclist caught me up, then greeted me with

“Eh up, lad, off to Conference?” I concurred.

“Right, follow me, it’s this way.”

We went in the back entrance of a sea front hotel, into a large room full of bikes and riders. Cries of ‘Boots’ and ‘Spurs’ resounded.

I guessed I was NOT at the Co-op Party Conference; so enquired further, liked the explanation of a cycling club linked to socialism, and signed up to membership there and then.

I was dismayed to have to go on to the Co-op Party Conference, but I did sneak round to the Clarion Meet again over the weekend.


Message from Roger – Cycling round the world!
The circumference of the world is 40,075 km. That’s equivalent to 69,215 laps of the Preston Park velodrome.
So what?

Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) has issued a challenge to the cyclists of Brighton and Hove (and anywhere else). Let’s all cycle around the track until we’ve jointly done the equivalent of once round the world!

You guessed it – fund-raising, but it is for a very good cause. BHT runs First Base, a drop-in centre for rough sleepers and others with housing problems. It provides help with healthcare, training, learning and accommodation. Everyone is welcome and there are early morning sessions for rough sleepers. Last year 508 people were helped and 220 cases of homelessness prevented.

Guess what!
First Base needs funds. So, if you’d like to help, get yourself some sponsors and bring your bike to Preston Park on Sunday 1st July (not a Clarion ride day). In fact, how about a Clarion get-together at 12 noon?

The boring bit!
Click here to register (£15 fee) and print a sponsorship form or create a JustGiving page.

Other rides are available

If riding round the World isn’t exciting enough for you, BHT is also raising money with two country rides on the same day (30 or 58 miles). Click here for details.


Bath-Bristol Weekend Ride: 1-2 September 2018
The weekend of 1-2 September will feature two wonderful rides. On the Saturday we will repeat the ride from Bath to Bristol that we last did in 2012, with some additional options. The Bath-Bristol cycle path was one of the first dedicated cycle paths to be created in the UK, and the route abounds with information boards about the area’s rich history. The basic ride will be about 25 miles long, but there will be longer and shorter options; as we have all day, we can take it nice and slowly (stopping to read the information boards is mandatory!)

The Sunday will feature the amazing Two Tunnels Greenway from Bath to Midford, which opened the year after our last visit. The two refurbished, dimly-lit railway tunnels on the former Somerset & Dorset line (one a mile long) create a unique experience which it is difficult to convey adequately in words. We’ll return to Bath via the Kennet & Avon Canal towpath, which we used last time. The circular ride is about 16 miles long. Being on old railway lines, both rides are largely undulation-free.

So far, six of us have signed up for the weekend, but we would welcome more.

Most of us are staying in Bath Youth Hostel, but of course there are plenty of hotels in Bath if you don’t fancy the hostel. It will be necessary to travel to Bath on the Friday in order to leave enough time for the Saturday ride. The return journey can be on Sunday or Monday. (NB the hostel is unfortunately on a hill, so if you are seriously allergic to hills you might want to look elsewhere.)

Participants book their own accommodation; if you want to stay at the hostel, you will have to book soon as it is currently undergoing a partial rebuild and has fewer beds than usual. But do contact me first ( as there may be spare beds in rooms that have already been booked by members of our group.



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