Dear All

I’m standing in for Ian this time around.

Congratulations to Graham, whose first ride as leader sounds as if it was much appreciated by those who took part. See Tessa’s report below.

And now some bad news – commiserations to Sue (Priest) who has broken her wrist ad is therefore not able to ride for some time. Sue was to have led the next ride, but clearly she won’t now be able to. So, unless someone else can offer something at this late stage, there will be no ride on 24 June.

Don’t forget the Cycle Challenge (details below). I have some sympathy with Jim’s decision not to ride repeatedly around a cycle track – I hope the country ride goes well. The advantage of the round the world ride for me is that you can give up whenever you’re ready, and still know that you’ve contributed just a bit to something much bigger.

Don’t forget that the main point of all the rides on 1st July is to raise money for good causes, whether it’s Brighton Housing Trust or, as Angela (D) has pointed out, Friends of the Earth. So everyone who is taking part in one of the rides on 1st July needs sponsors!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter – and don’t miss the next instalment of Ian’s Clarion history at the end.



Cycling round the world!

The circumference of the world is 40,075 km. That’s equivalent to 69,215 laps of the Preston Park velodrome.

So what?

Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) has issued a challenge to the cyclists of Brighton and Hove (and anywhere else). Let’s all cycle around the track until we’ve jointly done the equivalent of once round the world!


You guessed it – fund-raising, but it is for a very good cause. BHT runs First Base, a drop-in centre for rough sleepers and others with housing problems. It provides help with healthcare, training, learning and accommodation. Everyone is welcome and there are early morning sessions for rough sleepers. Last year 508 people were helped and 220 cases of homelessness prevented.

Guess what!

First Base needs funds. So, if you’d like to help, get yourself some sponsors and bring your bike to Preston Park on Sunday 1st July (not a Clarion ride day). In fact, how about a Clarion get-together at 12 noon?

The boring bit!

Click here to register (£15 fee) and print a sponsorship form or create a JustGiving page.

Other rides and charities are available

If riding round the World isn’t exciting enough for you, BHT is also raising money with two country rides on the same day (30 or 58 miles). Click here for details. Angela (D) has pointed out that you can also use these rides to raise money for Friends of the Earth as well.




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