The Next Ride: Sunday 24 June 2018

Sunday 24 June     Downslink Revisited (What so soon!)

Following the last ride those who missed out or just want another visit to Stan’s or a lunch at the Plough have requested that I do it again. Due to Sue’s injury we have an early opportunity. Best wishes to Sue for an early recovery.

To spice things up and maybe entice more returnees, I am adding a First to Stan’s competition.

A free tea or coffee and cake for the first one to get to Stan’s, obviously not me. This may be hard to watch!!

This ride explores the Downslink trail to Shoreham which should be nice and dry unless the weather changes, and of course downhill most of the way.

The Downslink surface is mostly hard, compacted earth and stones, Apart from the road sections and the new surface coming into Shoreham. Ok for MTB or Hybrid.

The first section to Henfield takes us first via Southwater where the track is a bit narrow and we have to cross the Worthing Road and then a little further on Cripplegate Lane (There is a Cafe here should anyone need a comfort break) then on under the A24 and out into the countryside.

Then on past Copsale where we cross Bar Lane then under the Cowfold road and over the B2135 at Needs Bridge, and on into Partridge Green.

Here we have to turn right onto the B2135 for a short distance and then left again at Stans Bike Shack. (This is 8 miles into our Journey so option for Coffee and a break ).

Our Lunch stop is 3 miles further on in Henfield at the Plough Inn.

After our lunch stop we will retrace our route via Church Street, Upper station Road and Station Road back to the old Railway and south towards Bramber.

After About 2 Mls and just after crossing the Adur the track abruptly leaves the railway on the right and up short piece of farm track to Wyckham Lane, this is a bit rough and pothole strewn for the next mile until we get onto Kings Barn Lane then on into Bramber via King Stone Avenue and Castle lane.

We could break at the Castle for a rest.

To avoid crossing the A283 we then follow a track which runs SE parallel to the A283 and under the road bridge over the Adur cutting back in the opposite direction.

We then briefly join the S Downs way and over the Adur ourselves and down the last section of the Downslink into Shoreham. As the last bit of the footpath is closed we will finish the ride at Shoreham Station.

Length: 21 miles.
Duration: about 5-6 hours including lunch.
Starting at Christ’s Hospital Station 10:45
Getting there:
Suggested that we get the 9.27 Victoria train and changing at Gatwick Airport (14 minute wait) onto the Southern service from London Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour.

If you miss the above then get the 9.42 Bedford train changing at Three Bridges onto the same Southern service from London Victoria to Portsmouth Harbour (only a 7 minute gap) . But do look out for us getting off the train from a different carriage.

If you miss both of the above you would be 50 mins behind as the next train arrives CH at 11:30. We could be catchable by Stans with some dedicated pedalling.

Single Ticket to Christ’s Hospital

Getting back: From the ride finish at Falconers Court there is the option of a train from Shoreham station or we can follow the NCR2 via Southwick then across the locks and follow the seafront to Hove and Brighton


Please email me or phone/text me if you are coming.


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