Dear All

We seem to have most of the summer covered now – except for 19 August.

You’ll see that there is a final appeal below from Roger for everyone who can to take part in the ‘Cycling Around the World’ event on 1 July. I’m not up to coming out on a regular Clarion ride at the moment – though I hope to get fit enough before too long. But I should be able to manage a circuit or two of the Preston Park track. Any of us could find ourselves in need of the sort of help First Base provides; it’s a really good cause. As that Phil Ochs song back in 1963 later made famous by Joan Baez has it – ‘There but for fortune goes you or I’

Latest on Julian – Wendy Reports
Jim and I visited Julian on Saturday, and were pleased to find him walking quite nimbly just with a walking stick. The physio had visited the previous day and really put him through his paces!  She got him to walk from his flat all the way to Hove Town Hall and back, which had left him rather tired.
During the conversation Julian mentioned how tiring it can be when he has to go for a hospital appointment as he relies on hospital transport, and the ambulance also collects other folk and drops them home, so he can be left waiting around. A recent trip meant that he was out for over 4 hours, which was quite an ordeal. It occurred to me that if he were to circulate an email advising of dates and times of appointments, Clarion folk with access to a car might be happy to offer Julian transport, thus also getting to spend some time with Julian, which as we know, is always a pleasure.  

I think that’s an excellent idea – wish I had thought of it! Since receiving Wendy’s message I’ve talked to Julian on the ‘phone and he’d welcome any offers of help. But he has no appointments due for some time at the moment so I can’t pass on anything in this newsletter. But if you can lend a hand in the way that Wendy has suggested, please email him at


Cycle Challenge Sunday 1st July
Just a quick reminder that the “Round the World Challenge” is rapidly approaching. It involves completing as many (or as few) laps as you choose of the Preston Park Velodrome. All laps will be counted and if the total for all riders reaches 66,792 then we will all have jointly cycled a distance equivalent to the circumference of the World!

Even if we don’t reach that total (which may well be the case), we will hopefully have raised some funds through sponsorship for First Base, which is Brighton Housing Trust’s drop-in centre for street sleepers and others who are “vulnerably housed”.
You need to register to take part, which you can do here. If you can, why not join me and Suzanne at 12 noon, when we will be adding our few laps? The rules of the challenge say that you must wear a helmet!

If you can’t make it yourself, perhaps you could sponsor me or one of the other Clarion members taking part. Just let your chosen rider know the amount of your sponsorship (a fixed sum – not an amount per lap) and, if you’re a tax payer, give your address (including postcode) to add Gift Aid – at no extra cost. Or, your chosen rider may be using JustGiving (I’m not).
Hope to see you on 1st July!



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