The Last Ride: Sunday 24 June 2018 – Downslink Revisited

The weather promised to be pleasant for Graham’s ride, and it kept that promise of sun and a little light breeze.

The Downslink as impressionist painting

This picture of the Downslink, taken on the move, resembles a French Impressionist paiting. In fact, it turns out that Camille Pissarro, after painting Lordship Lane station in London, got really into railways and decided to visit the Horsham-Shoreham line. Unfortunately he got hit by a train and fell into a deep coma by the side of the track, waking only in 2018 to paint this picture …..

Despite Southern Railways’ best efforts to thwart us Graham, Wendy, Sikka, Jim and Richard all made it to Christ’s Hospital Horsham on time. Graham had warned of iguanodons en route. He was correct. One such posed with us for a photo, but we could not tarry longer.

Wendy and Sikka riding the iguanodon

Wendy and Sikka riding the Southwater iguanodon

The Downslink beckoned and splendid it was. Downhill most of the way and many a leafy corridor with views across the fields. Our morning coffee stop was at the almost legendary Stan’s Bike Shed, a sort of bike-friendly scout hut cum Costa Coffee on the edge of a field.

Coffee stop at Stan's

L-R Wendy, Graham, Sikka, Richard

After same and a good scenic spin we arrived at The Plough. All I think agreed on the quality and quantity of the Sunday roasts provided. Following lunch, a futher ride down to Shoreham along the Adur. The formal ride concluded there but some headed for the sea for a dip or a paddle and then tea in West Hove.

First crossing of the Adur, at Betley Bridge

First crossing of the Adur

An excellent day out and much thanks to Graham for his patient leadership and navigation.

Richard (S)


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