The Next Ride: Sunday July 8th 2018

Barnham to Southbourne

(formerly Abrogam to Mutantsod) – NOTE REVISED ROUTE

 I have managed to find a substitute ride after Network Rail’s treachery ruled out the Haywards Heath one. It’s a linear ride, including the lovely Aldingbourne Country Centre as a morning coffee stop, then after Waterbeach we’ll turn westwards onto the Lavant Straight and skirt Goodwood Aerodrome; at Lavant we’ll ride a very short section of the Centurion Way, leaving it as usual at the amphitheatre, but taking the lane north-westwards to the lovely Wellies Restaurant at Oldwick Farm in West Stoke Road, where we will have lunch at about 1.20.

After lunch there will be a tour of local villages, including most of: West Stoke, East Ashling, West Ashling, Funtington. There will be a tea stop at the wonderful bike-friendly pub in Woodmancote, beloved of our comrades in Gosport Clarion. Finally back home via Southbourne.

Mileage: 20 miles

Duration: About 5½ hours including lunch, tea and coffee stops

Terrain: Very flat. Quiet lanes, half a mile of Centurion Way, and a short bit of A285. As it’s been dry, I would like to try the delightful Tinwood Lane, a nice woodland path which we eschewed last time because it was muddy. It may be bumpy though. There will be no suicidal crossings of the A27.

Start at Barnham Station at 10:50

Getting there: Take the 10:00 Southampton train from Brighton (Hove 10:04, Shoreham 10:17).

Return trains to Brighton at 41 minutes past the hour. Our tea stop is only 15 minutes’ ride from Southbourne so we can leave at an appropriate time to catch it.

Just a final note – I see that my previous attempts to do this ride were both dogged by railway problems. The first occasion was cancelled, the second did happen but we had to go via Three Bridges. Let’s hope this one makes up for all the grief.

Finally finally – anyone seeking to comprehend the subtitle may find the answer in the Clarion archives, or you may just be able to work it out on your own! If not, ask me over a pint.





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