News – 24 July 2018

Dear All

I’m delighted to report that Graham has volunteered to take on a ride on 19th August. Thanks, Graham. Sikka also volunteered – just a bit too late. Perhaps one of the September rides?

So far I have had no response to my query about a possible alternative to Jim’s Bath-Bristol weekend on 2 September. If anyone would like to offer a local ride for that date please let me know.

You’ll see that I have added ride dates for the rest of the year in the ‘Future Rides’ grid.   Should help forward planning, I hope.

Reading Jim’s report on Sunday’s ride it struck me that we may have to consider providing some protection for him if it is read by any irate inhabitants of Hailsham. Praising Bebble’s Langos may not be enough to deflect their righteous anger!

The Latest on Julian

I phoned Julian to see how he was getting on. Like me you’ll be distressed to hear that after making some slow but steady progress when I last reported in this newsletter, things have not gone well – to put it mildly. He had another stroke on 8 July which has put his recovery back a long way.

And as if that wasn’t enough while shifting him from bed to trolley or vice versa the hospital porter managed to dislocate his shoulder. He’s been told this may result in a ‘frozen shoulder.’

Let’s hope for something better to report next time he appears in this newsletter.



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