6 August 2018

Dear All

I’ve still had no response to my query about whether people not taking part in Jim’s Bath-Bristol expedition want to have a local ride on 2 September – always assuming anyone wants to offer one.   I’ll wait to see if anyone does – otherwise the September rides will be on 16th and 30th.   Any offers for any of them?

If you’re not too familiar with the cafe in Hove Park – the starting point for the next ride – check out the blog where you will find a little map Graham that has supplied.

Jim tells me there are people who actually want to join us – and pay their subs(!) There is now just one way we do this – which is a lot easier than in the past. The link needed is the membership mojo at

BHF London to Brighton ride

I’ve recently received this message from Alan of London Clarion and their Bike Ride Team

In 2019 London Clarion have decided to enter a team for the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton ride. We already have a few signed up. I have just emailed Bob the details I wondered if you could let your other members know and tell them they would be more than welcome to join us. We will end up getting at least a dozen.

You can join their team via this link the registration link.

Alternatively, if the link does not work, your can search for the team name on the sign up form.

Best wishes

The London to Brighton Bike Ride Team

That sounds like a great idea – at least for the fitter and more energetic!

The Latest on Julian and Leon

I’ve spoken to both of them on the phone in the last few days. Julian is waiting for a brain scan this week and has, he feels, been able to make little progress since the last time I reported – but he remains hopeful. Leon is also coping and feels optimistic about the way his treatment is progressing. We are thinking of them both.



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