Clarion Latest

16 September 2018

Dear All

I visited Julian recently and we spent a pleasant hour or so chatting.

Recovery from his stroke has been slowed by a couple of recent set-backs, but his spirits are still good and he is working hard at the various exercise regimes he has been given to help bring back his mobility.

He showed me the post card he received from the Clarion group in Bath which had pleased him greatly. He asked me to pass on his thanks to everyone involved.

One of the topics we talked about was driverless cars. We agreed that it is hard to believe that they will ever be able to deal with all the multi-various situations that human drivers can. They will probably be pretty good on motorways but what about on a narrow un-surfaced track when confronted by a herd of sheep, or another driverless car coming from the opposite direction?
If you follow this line of thought, you start to think that maybe we should see them as primarily motorway vehicles in which to travel long distances, while reading, snoozing or getting drunk – a bit like trains really. And if they could do that sort of work, do we still need HS2?

Turning to more immediate concerns, you will see that the “Future Rides” list is verging on empty at present. Ian will be back in the editor’s chair for the next issue, so, if you have any ideas for rides in October and beyond please let him have them (

No read on for a “bumper size” issue with reports on the most recent ride and the Bath weekend …


<The Bath weekend report can be found here>


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