30 October 2018

Dear All

We are now short of only two rides to complete the year –   25 November and 9 December. Best stick to short ones at this time of year, I think. Any offers? For many years I used to lead the last ride of the year – and I intended to offer it this year when my leg seemed like it was getting better. Perhaps next year. It was based on Berwick station with a lunch stop at the Yew Tree.  If anyone fancies taking it on I can provide full route details – but you’ll need to check trains nearer the time.


I had only two responses for my request for suggestions for dates to avoid other than the ones I mentioned. Sikka pointed out that pubs were usually full on Mothering Sunday (or Mothers’ Day) which makes things difficult. It turns out that in 2019 it is the same date – 31 March when BST begins . So I’ve gone for a fortnightly sequence which avoids that. The end of BST is not such a problem since if you forget to put your clock/watch back the worst thing that can happen is that you turn up an hour early for the ride – which is a lot better than turning up an hour late when the clocks go forward and being puzzled that no-one else is there and then realising they’ve departed an hour earlier.

The London-Brighton ride is always a problem because while some people often want to take part it is in any case impossible to get a train to anywhere from Brighton. So I’ve had to leave a 3 week rather than a fortnight gap in June (The BHF ride is on16 June next year). Jim thinks it’s best to avoid Pride weekend. Next year it’s on 3 and 4 August so rather than lose another summer ride I’m suggesting we have rides on two consecutive weeks in July 21 and 28 . This makes up for the 3 week gap in June. It’s not an ideal solution it will mean letting everyone know the details of the second July one more quickly than usual. If anyone can think of a better idea please let me know.

With that proviso and a request to check out the dates yourself and tell me if I’ve got anything wrong here are the ones I’m proposing for 2019. We still have plenty of time to make changes.

13, 27 January; 10, 24 February; 10, 24 March; 7, 21 April; 5,19 May; 2, 24 June; 7, 21, 28 July; 18 August; 12, 15, 29 September; 10, 24 November; 8 December

We can have our traditional little New Year’s ride on Wednesday 2 January – to avoid the crowds. I hope I will be able to do it (fingers crossed!) but I’ll be there one way or another anyway.

Latest on Julian

Jim has been to see him and I spoke to him on the phone on Sunday. He’s had a bit of as setback during the last few days – some new physio exercises seem to have left him with a ‘frozen’ leg.   Let’s hope it proves a very temporary problem.

Mitre Meeting – a message from Graham. Jim and Wendy

All members are invited to meet together at The Mitre Pub, Baker Street at 8pm on Wednesday 7th November 2018

A chance for members to come in from the cold and get together for a general social and discuss rides during the dark months of December, January and February.

There will be opportunities to share ideas on:

  • Possible rides (Anyone got a ride they’re planning?  Which date?)
  • Share ideas for Spring and Autumn weekend rides
  • Discuss use of Google Group
  • Express opinions on ride length, difficulty, start times and trains
  • Discuss ideas to increase active membership
  • In discussing these points, we may want to consider that this year
    • Of 36 members only half ride
    • Of 36 members less than a quarter ride on a regular basis
    • The average active group is less than 7
    • Only 4 individuals or pairs lead rides on a regular basis


Christmas Lunch – a message from Angela

Hello Clarionistas,

Yes, it’s that time of year again when I ask you to choose from a Xmas Menu and I will do my best not to get muddled as I did last year.

It will once again be at The Hummingbird Restaurant at Shoreham Airport because it is one of very few venues that do not ask for a deposit from everybody which, in the past, has made things very complicated. Also, I think that most people were happy with the food last year. It will be on Friday 14th December, 12.30 for 1pm.  I have provisionally booked for 15-20 people.

The restaurant has asked that the group choose from either the two course or the three course menu ‘on block’ as they feel they cannot deal with some people having two courses whilst others have three. So, I am going to propose that the group opts to choose from the two course menu. I do hope that is OK with everybody.

Please let me know by the 1st December if you would like to come and let me know your menu choice.(see attachment) The Hummingbird needs to have a firm idea of numbers by the 1st in order to plan their seating, so I am having to say that if I don’t hear from you by the 1st, I’m afraid that you will not be able to opt in after that date.

Look forward to hearing from you.

My email address is:

Since replies to me about the Xmas Lunch will be in November, I’m afraid that I will not be able to acknowledge by return email your menu choices as, up until the 25th November, I shall be in a country where I will not be able to use the internet very easily, if at all, (China). Sorry about that. Will respond to your emails when I get back.

Love – Angela xx

Graham’s report on Thursday ‘Rehab’ programme

A very successful sunny day, Shoreham to Stan’s Bike Sack via Steyning and Ashurst and back  via the Downslink.  Anne, Chris, David, Prudence, Richard and Sikka.   Lots of new shiny chains and gears on show. Only one member complained of having a screw loose. Luckily turned out to be a real one.  Photo on Flickr


When sending in ride reports please include the date in the title – otherwise it gets listed along with other ‘ride report’s way down in my eccentric inbox. And I might miss it. Thanks

Usual episode of Clarion history at the end of the newsletter. I realise not everyone is equally interested in the history of the Clarion – but I know that some are. If anyone would like more info or more explanation about anything I mention in this series just send me an email.



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