Dear All

Nick tells me that he will be ‘investigating the Pier to Lewes ride detailed on the attached with Graham this Sunday’ So I think we should assume that the ‘Next Ride’ is ‘on’ unless we hear differently from Nick.

Assuming that goes ahead as planned all we need now to complete the year is an offer for 9 December.

Lots of interesting ideas from the Mitre meeting. When is the 2019 AGM? It’s not due till March – which gives us the chance of taking a position on any national issues that are going to be debated. I’ve always left it till nearer the time when everyone knows what they are doing and we can choose a date which suits if not everybody then the majority of those intending to attend.

Mitre Meeting Wednesday 7th November 2018 Wendy’s Notes

Present:  Graham, Nick, Wendy, Sean
These are not minutes – just notes so others can share the gist of the Clarion-related conversations.  Other conversations were available.

Possible Winter rides

Some discussion about offering a London ride, and possibly inviting London Clarion. Will discuss again when Jim’s around, and anyone else who knows London well, e.g. Prudence. Not enough people here to find out who’s got ideas in mind for the next few months. Agreed starting around 10am makes sense if we are to cycle around 15 miles with a coffee and lunch stop, returning around 4pm during the darker, colder winter months. If anyone has an idea for a ride, perhaps a ‘pop up’ ride could be organised to recce it.

Ride Schedule for 2019

Graham and Ian have been tinkering around with suggested ride dates for 2019 in an attempt to miss most of the disruptions caused by local events and scheduled railway engineering works. Graham has generated a rather impressive spreadsheet showing 3 possible configurations and will discuss further with Ian.

Sunday 6th January 2019

… was suggested as a possible date for a Post Christmas Lunch for everyone, especially working people and others who were unable to make the official Christmas lunch on 14th December.

AGM 2019 When is this?

Google Group

All present expressed satisfaction with use of the Google group, although others have grumbles, which Jim has kindly made suggestions to alleviate.

New Members

Graham knows of someone with a hand-build recumbent bicycle who would like to join.  Not sure how he will manage with trains, off road routes etc.


Dates for Next Year

After my suggestions in the last newsletter, Graham produced a couple of alternative options which were discussed at the Mitre meeting last Wednesday. It’s always been a bit of a problem avoiding dodgy dates and is even more so this time because there are still so many weekend rail closures to come. But unless anyone spots anything problematic about the following here are the dates for 2019

13, 27 January; 10, 24 February; 10, 24 March; 7, 28 April; 12, 26 May, 9, 23  June; 7, 21, 28 July;  18 August; 1, 15, 29 September; 13, 27 October; 10; 24 November; 8 December

Christmas Lunch – at the Hummingbird Restaurant at Shoreham Airport on Friday 14th December, 12.30 for 1pm.

Don’t forget to let Angela know your menu choices by 1 December

Just to remind you, the main course choices were roast turkey, sea bass or baked leek and Gruyère tart. while the pudding choices were Christmas pud, Belgian choc tart or cheese.



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