Dear All

Thanks to Sikka and Tessa who have taken on our last ride of the year on 9 December (details below).

Along with her report of Sunday’s ride Angela (D) has sent me this message:

Wendy and I will be leading a post Christmas,  Twelfth Night ride of the Three Kings, or this being Brighton, the Three Queens aka the Three Wise women’ on Sunday 06 January 2019.

This short ride will involve a long stop at a suitable place for a convivial luncheon and a short pedal back home.

Sounds to me like a nice idea. I’ve asked for details for the next newsletter and added it to the ‘Future Rides’.

Anyone want to take on either of the other January rides 13 or 27?

I’m still hoping to be able to do the New Year ride. I have an appointment about my hip and knee X rays in early December so much will depend on what my options are. But in any case I’ll be there even if like in 2016 after I broke my ankle I have to come in the car rather than on the bike.

National Clarion Subs.

Normally, Clarion subs for the year include two elements, the national fee and a local one.  We have suspended our local sub for the last few years and did so for 2019 at the last AGM.   So the total we need to pay is £12.  This covers not only national membership but also third-party insurance without which no-one should risk going out on a bike.  At £1 a month this is a real bargain.

In recent years this has been done via a PayPal account. We have been having problems with this account.  We have also realised that Paypal charges us fees.  For these reasons, we have decided this year to collect subscriptions using the old fashioned method, using our equally old fashioned Co-op bank account.

Jim has kindly volunteered to act as treasurer while Julian is recovering, so if you would like to join or renew your membership please do one of the following, before the end of the year:

Send or give to Jim a cheque or cash (bank details etc can be found in the email newsletter)

In due course, Jim will pass on the subscriptions received to the National Clarion and you will receive a membership card, as usual.

Christmas Lunch
– at the Hummingbird Restaurant at Shoreham Airport on Friday 14th December, 12.30 for 1pm.

Don’t forget to let Angela (C) know your menu choices by 1
Just to remind you, the main course choices were roast turkey, sea bass or baked leek and Gruyère tart. while the pudding choices were Christmas pud, Belgian choc tart or cheese.



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