Dear All

Anyone want to take on either of the other January rides 13 or 27? I’ve had no offers to date.

As I mentioned last time I’m still hoping to be able to do the New Year ride. Last weekend my knee got really awful and I could hardly walk but last Monday I was given a steroid injection which does seem to have improved things . The problem is that if I’m not going to be liability to everyone else I need to have a practice – even for such a short ride – first and I’ve been told not to do anything energetic (like getting on my bike!) for a week or so to allow the injection to work. But in any case as I said last time I’ll be there even if I have to come in the car rather than on the bike.

I’ll send out a reminder about 2nd January between Christmas and New Year and should the weather forecast be absolutely awful we can move the ride to 3rd January.

Angela (D) and Wendy were hoping to include details of their Twelfth Night ride in this newsletter but Angela has been stricken with a very nasty bug (they always aim to attack you at Christmas or the day before you go on holiday) So they’re going to do it as a ‘pop up’ ride and will be letting us know the details in due course.

B&H Clarion Christmas Lunch: 14 December 2018  – Joyce reports

So we all met at the Hummingbird restaurant at Shoreham Airport – a wonderful get together of Clarion friends- according to my list 18 of us turned up for what was an excellent meal. According to tradition a list of names is required , but sorry – won’t add surnames, list just too long , and we know each other from way back, (and I won’t add food choices either), so here goes not in any particular order :-

Ian – Sue – David – Terri – Suzanne – Roger – Ann – Mick – Richard – Alan – Marilyn – Sikka – Jim – Sally – Fred – Angela – Leon – Joyce.

Clarion Xmas lunch 2018

It was great to see so many Clarion friends, especially for those including me and Leon who have not been able to get to ride for some time. We did all raise an imaginary glass to Julian who has not been able to be with us for some time. If you are reading this Julian – we look forward to that day and send our warmest wishes.

We all had a great time with our paper hats and poppers and of course our usual pub lunch conversations in full swing. The food was agreed to be excellent ( I checked …) . It was warm and comfortable on a freezing day and I therefore have to salute those who braved the cold – Sikka and Marilyn who rode from Brighton and back – Sally and Jim who did the same – Fred who got a lift there but rode back to Brighton after having picked up his bike [I only rode to the station… Fred]. Suzanne and Roger who, having tried the bus had a long long walk and arrived frozen. There may have been others, so sorry if any were left out – let us know.

Clarion Xmas lunch 2018

Herewith a special thanks to Ian and Sue for our lift – it was good to see them, and here’s hoping Ian will be back in the saddle leading us soon for a New Year.

Clarion Xmas lunch 2018

A really lovely festive time had by all – thank you Angela for taking on the organisation of our Clarion Christmas lunch.


National Clarion Subs
Important If you’re paying by bank transfer please let Jim know at so that he knows who has paid this way.

Normally, Clarion subs for the year include two elements, the national fee and a local one.  We have suspended our local sub for the last few years and did so for 2019 at the last AGM.   So the total we need to pay is £12.  This covers not only national membership but also third-party insurance without which no-one should risk going out on a bike.  At £1 a month this is a real bargain.

In recent years this has been done via a PayPal account. We have been having problems with this account. We have also realised that PayPal charges us fees.  For these reasons, we have decided this year to collect subscriptions using the old fashioned method, using our equally old fashioned Co-op bank account.

Jim has kindly volunteered to act as treasurer while Julian is recovering, so if you would like to join or renew your membership please do one of the following, before the end of the year:

Send or give to Jim a cheque or cash
– cheques payable to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club
– Jim’s postal address is Jim Grozier, 92a Springfield Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 6DE
– In case of queries Jim’s number is 01273-505550
Or, make an online bank transfer to our Co-op bank account:  (details in the newsletter), using your own name as the reference.

In due course, Jim will pass on the subscriptions received to the National Clarion and you will receive a membership card, as usual.

Clarion History
I was intending to write an episode of my Clarion History dealing with the events leading up to the Clarion referendum – but after If started it quickly became clear it was becoming a bit too long. So Part 1 this time and Part 2 in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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