The Next Ride: Sunday the 28th July Hove Lost Dog Cycle Search Team Ride

The ride will start at Portslade Station at 10.15

The route way points/sections will be as follows:

Benfield Valley past Sainsburys to Hangleton Lane (on cycle path) and then Hangleton Way to the Dyke Railway Trail

Follow the Trail and cycle route to the Devil’s Dyke.

Down into the Dyke following one of two bridleways to Poynings

Poynings to Rushfield’s Garden Centre Cafe for coffee/tea

Continue to Dale Hill, and Pyecombe and SDW past Pyecombe Golf Club to bridleway running SE

Past the Indian Chattri Memorial (photo opportunities!) to Vale Road area of Patcham.

A choice of routes through Patcham, which might include the cycle route into Brighton, quiet roads, part of Withdean Woods to join the cycle route at Peacock Lane and then to Preston Park for another tea or coffee.

As on all the rides I run we take our food and drink with us so that none of us will have too many hunger pangs and thirst!

I have planned the morning tea/coffee stop but we tend to take lunch on the hoof, or wheel might be appropriate, using sheltered woods, barns or bus stops so any riders need to know this in advance. We do this so that muscles don’t get too cramped or stomachs overladen!


For those with smartphones the free app, MAPS.ME will show the route and I use this for simple reference on rides and general navigation if required and have found it very useful.

If you’re planning to come on the ride please let me know on 07940 796934

Dave Churchill

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