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Dear All

I have had a number of replies to my message about the very sad death of Leon. And more people have made use of the googlegroup to make their tributes. Of the direct responses to my message, some people who didn’t know him have sent messages of condolence including Ian Clarke, our national secretary, Peter Roscoe of Bury Clarion, and Angela Devas.

Of those who did know him, Fred says ‘I remember the first time we met him, on a station (I don’t think it was Hassocks, further up the line) after a Clarion ride… he was interested in who we all were, the Clarion, and was an enthusiastic member from then on.. A great character who will be missed by everyone who knew him…’ Dave says ‘I met him a couple of times and had a laugh with him so my sympathy goes to his family, friends and to the club members’. Chloe : ‘I’m really sorry. I only met him on the bus once and I thought he was jolly and lovely.’ Anne , ‘He was a great asset to our club & we will miss him greatly.’ Joan, ‘We enjoyed riding and talking with him when we were first members.’ Angela Coulter ‘He did indeed love his cycling and he always had a cheerful way which is how I shall remember him.’ Sue and Chris, ‘Leon was such a lovely gentle person and we so enjoyed the rides we did with him He will indeed be missed by many .’

I very much concur with what everyone has said about Leon. My most recent memory of being with him was back in March when he gave Sue and me a lift home from our AGM. I understand that, to the end, Leon was as optimistic as ever and looking forward to getting back to joining Clarion rides. If you’d like to send condolences to his family, and haven’t already done so, Tessa tells me that the address is Joyce Moore, 14 Manor Ave, Hassocks, BN6 8NG.


Two September rides are already taken but since, as I suggested last time, it is unlikely that we would want to have rides three Sundays running I’ve left out 15 September. The next scheduled ride is on 29 September but we could have one on 22nd instead. I’ve updated rail routes. The Chichester direction has a ‘bus replacement’ on 29 (and so do both Hastings and Seaford routes on 22nd). Details of both 1 and 8 September rides below.

Anyone want to take on either 22 or 29 September? If you do please contact both me -and Roger – – who will sending out the next newsletter, after the 8 September ride,while I’m away on holiday



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