The Next Ride 1st September 2019 Haywards Heath to Lewes

This is at least the third time I have scheduled this ride, but it has never got as far as actually being done, for various reasons. Hopefully we will have more luck this time.

The ride explores some rarely visited territory to the east of Haywards Heath and features some of my favourite lanes. There will be several mandatory stops to admire interesting animals and other attractions, with some optional railway history at the end. We will proceed in a group, as usual, at the speed of the slowest.

There will be a morning coffee stop, lunch at a pub in Shortbridge, and hopefully tea as well later on.


Length: 27 miles.

Duration: 7 hours (7½ with tea stop)

Terrain: Short section of bridleway and some dedicated cycle route; the rest on quiet roads. I can’t remember any hills (but then I did do the recce 18 months ago!)

Start at Haywards Heath Station, Boltro Road exit, at 9:20 am.

Getting there: Take the 08:57 Victoria train from Brighton to Haywards Heath. At Haywards Heath, go towards the south end of the platform (opposite direction to the direction of travel) and go up in the lift to the bridge, then take the lift down from the bridge to the Boltro Road exit (not the car park).

Getting home: Trains leave Lewes station for Brighton at 07, 24 and 46 minutes past the hour.

This is a linear ride. Motorists can use the direct Lewes to Haywards Heath train (hourly at 21 minutes past) at the start or end of the ride.


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