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Dear All

Sue and Ian are hopefully enjoying warm sunshine in Montpellier. Meanwhile, Clarion continues to provide its members with opportunities to cycle around Sussex, whatever (almost) the onset of Autumn throws at us.

In this issue you will find reports on the two rides we have already had during September.  Don’t forget that, unusually, a third ride is still planned for this month.  it will be led by Angela (D) on the 29th. Details will be emailed shortly.

Looking ahead to October, a special ride is planned for Sunday 20th in memory of Leon.  It will be a short circular from Hassocks station, including a stop at the natural burial ground where he is buried. Lunch at the Jack and Jill Inn.  Non-cyclists welcome: there is parking at the Inn.

The ride will be led by Joyce, John (Clinton) and David (J).  Full details in the next newsletter but please put it in your diary.  If you want lunch at the Jack and Jill please let Joyce know as seating may be limited (email: or text: 0776 162 8836).


 Ian writes:

After a long period when I had real trouble finding people to take on rides, we are now OK up to the end of November except for 10 November (see grid below) – any offers?    If anyone wishes to follow the lead of Sikka and Tessa and propose an extra ride please let me know.


Toads Hole Valley Development

 Our Campaigns Officer (Angela (D)) sent the following to the Brighton and Hove planning department on 19 August

 Dear Madam/Sir

 I am writing in my capacity as Campaigns Officer for Brighton and   Hove Clarion Cycling Club about the proposed Toads Hole development.

Climate change is now high on the agenda of Brighton and Hove citizens.

This development does not go nearly far enough in tackling carbon emissions, especially those emitted by cars.

The development does not prioritise cycling and walking as per the national planning policy.

The target of 40% of journeys to be made by walking or cycling is much too weak; the target needs to be set much higher at 70%. People can and will make big changes to their mode of transport if the right infrastructure is in place.

The doctors’ surgery is set in a sea of car parking. Why not set the surgery in a park with plenty of bike racks, trees and access for disabled people?

The proposed cycle route across the A27 is a really poor design with 5 crossings, a chicane and a gate. This is not access to the South Downs but a ridiculous obstacle course. Build a proper bridge.


Angela Devas

Campaigns Officer Brighton and Hove Cycling Club


Changing Your email

It’s easy to forget to let people know when you change your email address or other crucial details.  Here’s a message from Jim our Acting Membership Sec

You can log into your Clarion membership record by using the unique URL that you will have been provided with; this is of the form**** where the four asterisks are replaced by a combination of letters that is unique to you. Paste this into your “browser” (i.e. Internet Explorer or equivalent).

 This will return an invitation to sign in with or without a password. If you don’t have a password choose the “without password” option and the system will send a link to the email address with which you are registered.

 Clicking this link will take you to your membership record, which you can then edit.

 If you do not know your unique URL, email Jim ( and he will send it to you. It’s a good idea to keep it somewhere where you can find it again in case you need it!”

 Train Availability

If you’re planning a ride please do make sure to check train availability if trains are needed. Rail Enquiries is warning about possible ‘Industrial Action’ and it is not unknown for Southern to make changes at a fairly late stage


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