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Ride Cancellations – changing the system? IMPORTANT.

Last time I asked anyone who doesn’t want to change the system to a simpler one with the ride leader simply announcing a cancellation via the google group. I explained that this would be absolutely fine from my own point of view but the problem was, I believed, that there were several members not in the google group and others who had selected ‘no emails’

To adopt the proposed new method would mean the former joining the google group and the latter – if they were planning to take part in the ride – checking before 5 pm on the day before the ride.

So far I have had no objections. But before we change the system I want to be sure that we are not going to end up with anyone turning up a the start of a ride not realising it’s been cancelled. So, if you are against the proposed change please let me know.

Meanwhile, here is how to join the google group

If you want t join the Google Group you can email Nick – – and ask him to add you, or you can visit the group’s web page at!forum/brighton-hove-clarion.

To join on-line, or to choose the “no emails” option, you will need to create a Google login if you don’t already have one.”


Wendy Resigns

I’ve had an email from Wendy saying she wishes to resign as Social Secretary, and suggesting that Sean, who has expressed interest in the role, might be willing to take it on. I have been in touch with him and he is willing to do so which I hope everyone will welcome. So thanks to both Wendy and Sean.


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