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Ride Cancellations – New System IMPORTANT. 

No one has objected to the proposal to change the system for ride cancellations made in the last two newsletters. So in future when it’s necessary to cancel a ride leaders will be do that via the google group. It will still be important if you are planning to go on a ride to check your emails at 5 pm the previous day.

The new system is a bit of a relief for me – and the other mailing list holders – I will still try and send any cancellation to you via the mailing list if I spot one in the google group emails. It’s always good to have another message in such cases – but it won’t be vital any more.

In case there is anyone – and we have some new members – who isn’t yet in the group I will repeat the details of how to join the google group

If you want to join the Google Group you can email Nick – – and ask him to add you, or you can visit the group’s web page at!forum/brighton-hove-clarion.

To join on-line, or to choose the “no emails” option, you will need to create a Google login if you don’t already have one.”

Clarion Christmas Lunch

I recall that last year there were a few complaints – perfectly reasonable ones – about the lunch being held on a weekday rather than at the weekend. So it’s good to see that Sean has been able to arrange things so that this is avoided this time.


As reported in the last newsletter Sean has taken over from Wendy and is now acting Social Secretary. I know everyone will agree that he has acted with exemplary speed in organising this year’s event.

I’ve already sent out a message with an attachment with the menu for the lunch at the Walrus but if you have trouble opening it please let me know and I’ll send it you inside an email .

Here’s the key info just in case you missed it. The Xmas Lunch will be at The Walrus, Ship Street, Brighton, Saturday 21 December, midday

If you intend to come please contact Sean at if you haven’t already done so.


Any Ideas?

I’ve received the following email. If anyone has any helpful advice or can help in any way at all please contact Charlotte.  I’m going to take it to the national committee meeting on Saturday to see if we can give her problem wider publicity.

To Whom it May Concern

I suffer from Lupus, Fybromialiga, ME and have had 76 operations including 2 on my back and many other illnesses which prevent me from teaching Isobel to ride a bike. She is in Year 3 now and she’s on her second bike because she has grown, but she’s getting more and more scared of trying to ride as I can’t bend to hold onto her because of my back but she is also desperate to be able to ride.  She is a Great Ormond Street Hospital patient and she wants some normality in her life.  Please help.  I am on benefits so the cheapest but most suitable situation possible please.  I thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

Best wishes

Charlotte Eade
07841 900453
8 Rowley Court


Please also read the message from Julian that follows



Next Year’s Subs Message from Julian

Your Clarion subs for 2020 will be due on 1 January. The fee will be £15, as Brighton & Hove section agreed at its last AGM to a local sub of £3 to supplement the national fee of £12. It is some time since we had a local sub, but it is necessary to levy one every few years as our bank balance dwindles. (The £12 all goes straight to the national Clarion).

The £3 will contribute towards various costs such as website fees, together with providing a buffer in the event of an increase in national Clarion fees (last year we lost a substantial portion of our reserves following an unanticipated national fee rise). The subscription does NOT buy members any “services” other than third party insurance, which is covered by the national portion of the sub. All our rides and other events are organised by members, on a voluntary basis.

Membership details are held in an on-line database called “Membership Mojo”, to which you should have been given a unique login that does not require a password, and you can use this to update your details.  Membership Mojo has the facility to renew directly by making a payment to Paypal, but we have disabled this because we cannot access our Paypal account. Instead, you need to EITHER transfer £15 by BACS to our account at the Co-Operative Bank, sort code 08-92-99, account no. 65377325, with your name as the reference, OR send a cheque for £15, payable to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club, to:

Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club
92a Springfield Road
Brighton BN1 6DE

Julian Arkell


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