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Dear All

I had hoped to be able to offer a – nice and short – ride for 8 December but my efforts to ‘get back on the bike’ have been rather uneven recently though I certainly am making some progress and have real hopes for next year. But for now I’d better operate on the basis of discretion being the better part of valour.

Which is a very convoluted way of asking ‘does anyone want to take on 8 December?’

National Clarion Survey

The questionaire for the national survey has been sent to everyone individually. Mine arrived on 30 October, which should help anyone who hasn’t already filled it in to find it in the inbox . If you haven’t yet responded you still have up to the end of this month. Quite a few people certainly have taken part already including some from our club/section.

A few days after I completed and returned it I chaired a meeting of the national committee in Nottingham– on 2 November – at which it was reported that up to then over 300 members had taken part. This is an encouraging start – but we have more than 2,000 members so it’s to be hoped that the numbers will continue to grow.

Please give it a go,

Proposed Rides for 2020

Last year, around this time, I suggested a ride schedule. Various people then made suggestions to change some of the dates – which we did. That seems to me a sensible way of doing things, many heads being better than one, so I propose to do the same with regard to the 2020 dates.

In working out a schedule I tried to avoid the beginning (especially) and end of BST (29 March and 25 October) the London Brighton Bike Ride (21 June) and the Sunday of Brighton Pride Weekend (2 August) and – somewhat to my own amazement – managed to miss them all. But there may be other dates we should avoid – let me know if you think there are

So, here are my proposed dates for our fortnightly rides (‘extras’ can of course also be offered any time).

January      February          March           April             May           June

2 Jan

(New Year

brunch ride)

12, 26            9, 23              8 , 22            5, 19      3,17, 31          14, 28

July          August       Sept.        Oct         Nov          Dec

12, 26      9, 23          6, 20       4, 18    1, 15, 29       13

Clarion Christmas Lunch – Message from Sean

Due to circumstances one of our number now cannot join us on the 21st December Luncheon.

Therefore, if anyone could cover the placement please get in touch with me to confirm.




ust to remind you, the Xmas Lunch will be at The Walrus, Ship Street, Brighton, Saturday 21 December, midday. Contact Sean at if you can take up the spare place


Message from Jim

‘I have now put two “oven-ready” ride files on my cycling web page – these are files which contain all you need to know about a ride – description AND directions. One is for the Bindley Heath ride (Three Bridges Circular via Lingfield) – the one Leon liked. The other is a Horley ride which features Redhill Common, which was the subject of a conversation on the ride yesterday.’


Charlotte’s Problem

I don’t know whether anyone had any useful suggestions to make in response to the email I’d had about getting help with her daughter learning to ride a bike which I included in the last newsletter.

I mentioned it at the national committee meeting I touched on earlier and Ian Clarke had what I think is very probably a possible solution which was to contact Cycling UK’s GoRide scheme. I emailed her with this suggestion.


Please also read the message from Julian that follows if you haven’t yet renewed.




Next Year’s Subs Message from Julian


Your Clarion subs for 2020 will be due on 1 January. The fee will be £15, as Brighton & Hove section agreed at its last AGM to a local sub of £3 to supplement the national fee of £12. It is some time since we had a local sub, but it is necessary to levy one every few years as our bank balance dwindles. (The £12 all goes straight to the national Clarion).

The £3 will contribute towards various costs such as website fees, together with providing a buffer in the event of an increase in national Clarion fees (last year we lost a substantial portion of our reserves following an unanticipated national fee rise). The subscription does NOT buy members any “services” other than third party insurance, which is covered by the national portion of the sub. All our rides and other events are organised by members, on a voluntary basis.

Membership details are held in an on-line database called “Membership Mojo”, to which you should have been given a unique login that does not require a password, and you can use this to update your details.  Membership Mojo has the facility to renew directly by making a payment to Paypal, but we have disabled this because we cannot access our Paypal account. Instead, you need to EITHER transfer £15 by BACS to our account at the Co-Operative Bank, sort code 08-92-99, account no. 65377325, with your name as the reference, OR send a cheque for £15, payable to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club, to:

Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club
92a Springfield Road
Brighton BN1 6DE

Julian Arkell,


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