Clarion Latest: 26 November 2019

Dear All

No-one on Jim’s ride on Sunday was able to take on writing the ride report but I persuaded Jim to do one himself as you’ll see at the end of this newsletter. We’ve included ride reports in our newsletters right from the start. As I recall it was Joyce’s suggestion back in 2004 and an excellent one since it is really good to have a record of what we do. Over the years we’ve had all sorts of reports – long ones, short ones, learned ones, funny ones – there is no requirement for any particular approach – all are very welcome and long may they continue. I sometimes get emails from people saying how much they enjoy reading them even if they haven’t taken part. One fan of our ride reports is that veteran of Bury Clarion, Peter Roscoe, extracts from whose messages of appreciation I have included in this newsletter from time to time.


Sue and I went to see Julian this afternoon. He’s coping remarkably well but with much of his left side paralysed and a frozen shoulder, progress is slow though his physio treatment is helping.

Next Year’s Ride Dates

In the last newsletter I gave proposed dates for next year’s rides and asked for anyone who spotted any problems to let me know. Jim pointed out that 19 April is the date of the 2020 Brighton Marathon and therefore another date best avoided. I don’t think we need to decide now what to do about this- probably moving it to either the previous week or the one following – but we will clearly need to keep an eye on this nearer the time

You will see that I’ve included the January dates in the ‘Future Rides’ grid below. I know it’s difficult to think about next year this side of Christmas but if anyone wishes to take on either 12th or 26th January please let me know,

But please check train availability for these dates.

Informal Sunday ride on Sunday 22 December. Message from Angela D

Meet at Hove Park Café at 10am for 1030 departure up to the Dyke, then down and along the Undercliff path to Rottingdean. Lunch stop in a café en route

  I’ll include this again in the next newsletter after the 8 December ride

National Clarion Survey

As I mentioned last week do please take part in the survey. It is genuinely aimed at finding out the direction – or directions – members want to see us go in. It finishes at the end of this month.




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