The Last Ride: Palace Pier to Berwick 8th December 2019

13 December 2019

Chris’s Report

Sunday 8 December 2019 The Palace Pier to Berwick

Four keen riders, Anne, Doris, Prudence and Angela assembled at the Palace Pier at the appointed time. The fifth rider was late and I was grateful that the others waited 10 minutes for me. To atone for my sin, I “volunteered” to write the report. My excuse was that, knowing I had a slow puncture in the rear tyre I decided to add a little more air. As I was putting the pump away a loud bang indicated that my “slow” puncture had become “fast” necessitating an inner tube change!!

We set off in good spirits along Madeira Drive. Anne, wisely, switched us to the clifftop cycle path at the Marina, the tide was in and there was a strong onshore wind. Once on the clifftop and with the wind behind us we made rapid progress to our coffee stop at the Gateway Café. Over coffee we discussed the complications of restoring traditional habitats and specifically what does “traditional” mean should the South Downs be restored to Forests???


After coffee we followed the NCN Route 2 to Newhaven much enjoying the down hill section to the river and arrived at The Ark for a welcome but briefish and enjoyable lunch. At this time of year, we were all aware of fading light and that it can get a bit chilly in the afternoon. Over lunch Angela kindly shared her maps with me as I was proposing to complete the ride to Berwick on my own.

Again, with the wind behind us Seaford seafront was soon reached, as we cycled along we could see Tide Mills in the distance. On a warmer spring or summer’s day a diversion to the old village and a coastal ride into Seaford would be appealing.

Halfway along the seafront Anne, Doris and Angela turned inland and headed for the Railway Station. Prudence made a last minute decision to join me on the final leg to Berwick. As we turned off the seafront to follow the NCN route 2 we were sheltered from the wind and the sun made an attempt to shine.


Approached Cuckmere Haven be decided not to follow the route across the fields but to use a short length of the A259. Fortunately, the road was not very busy and the light was still good.

Back on the country lanes we followed the cycle route to Berwick reassuringly spotting the landmarks, landmarks Angela had referred to over lunch. We arrived at Berwick and having just missed a train, retired to the Pub for a well-earned coffee before catching the next train.

My thanks to Anne for leading the ride and Angela for her help with the navigation. As I will be away for the New Year I will not be able to join you on the 2nd so can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year.



Clarion Latest 10th December 2019

13 December 2019

Dear All

In spite of Chris sending me the ride report for last Sunday with admirable alacrity, because we haven’t any more rides until next year – apart from Angela’s ‘informal’ one which I remind you of below – I had planned to leave it for a while before sending out this newsletter.

But I’ve changed my mind. With dire predictions of the election from polls and bookmakers it struck me that if I left it until next weekend I would be in grave danger of spreading gloom and despondency in a very unseasonable way.

So, while there is still some hope of a better outcome, can I wish everyone all the best and -if you go in for it – ‘Merry Christmas!’

Next year’s rides

Anyone want to take on either of the other January rides 12 or 26? I’ve had no offers to date.

New Year Ride

For many years we always had our short New Year ride to Carats café on New Year’s Day. But eventually the place got more and more popular and full to the rafters so we switched to 2nd


Last year some people decided to make it a ‘real’ ride by going on afterwards – to Worthing and beyond, if I remember rightly, Should you fancy doing something similar this time that’s of course absolutely fine

I do intend to take part – but if I can’t make it (I’ve regressed a bit legwise recently) please go ahead without me. Whatever happens I will be at the café

I’ll send out a reminder about 2nd January between Christmas and New Year and should the weather forecast be absolutely awful we can move the ride to 3rd January

Sunday 22 December. Angela D’s. Informal. ride (there won’t be a report)

Meet at Hove Park Café at 10am for 1030 departure up to the Dyke, then down and along the Undercliff path to Rottingdean. Lunch stop in a café en route

2020 Subs

According to the last message I saw from Jim 23 people have already renewed for next year. If you haven’t yet – but want to – please read carefully the message from Julian that follows immediately below.



Next Year’s Subs Message from Julian

Your Clarion subs for 2020 will be due on 1 January. The fee will be £15, as Brighton & Hove section agreed at its last AGM to a local sub of £3 to supplement the national fee of £12. It is some time since we had a local sub, but it is necessary to levy one every few years as our bank balance dwindles. (The £12 all goes straight to the national Clarion).

The £3 will contribute towards various costs such as website fees, together with providing a buffer in the event of an increase in national Clarion fees (last year we lost a substantial portion of our reserves following an unanticipated national fee rise). The subscription does NOT buy members any “services” other than third party insurance, which is covered by the national portion of the sub. All our rides and other events are organised by members, on a voluntary basis.

Membership details are held in an on-line database called “Membership Mojo”, to which you should have been given a unique login that does not require a password, and you can use this to update your details.  Membership Mojo has the facility to renew directly by making a payment to Paypal, but we have disabled this because we cannot access our Paypal account. Instead, you need to EITHER transfer £15 by BACS to our account at the Co-Operative Bank, sort code 08-92-99, account no. 65377325, with your name as the reference, OR send a cheque for £15, payable to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club, to thhe address in the newsletter.

Julian Arkell,