Clarion Latest 3 January 2020

Dear All

I’m quite used to getting emails from my friend – indeed our friend – Peter Roscoe who I first met at an Easter Meet about 15 or so years ago when he was the Clarion’s national treasurer and secretary of Bury Clarion. Hope I’ve got that right.

As I’ve reported from time to time in these newsletters he is on our mailing list and very much enjoys reading our ride reports. Sometimes I get an appreciative message about them which I then pass on to everyone in this newsletter.

However, this week marks the first time I’ve heard from him about – not a report of a ride – but in response to the ride details from Tessa and Sikka (repeated below) which I had sent out in advance.

            Happy New Year to all in Brighton Clarion. May you long continue as the club you  are.

I have just done the 12th January ride in my mind with you – it ‘was’ wonderful.


Thanks Peter. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading our newsletter for many, many more years and let us know what you think from time to time.

National conference motions

I’m proposing to call our AGM, as usual, sometime in March – but it’s not too soon to volunteer to host it.

I am also sending on to you the message I’ve received from Ian Clarke, the national secretary, with attachments concerning nominations and motions plus the draft agenda for the national conference on 10 April.

You will see that he’s asking for any motions or nominations to be sent (see Nominations and motions to conference doc) ‘no later than 2 months before the annual conference.’ In the past we have not been exactly prolific in proposing motions or making nominations at the conference. But this time we might want to. Since the conference is on 10 April that means that we will have to make any proposals by 10 February.

I propose that anyone wishing to suggest a motion or nomination lets me know ASAP and in any case – since our constitution requires me to give you notice of meetings at least 21 days in advance – not later Friday 18 January. If I’ve received any by then I’ll call a meeting – Sue and I will volunteer to host it. It should be then in time to meet the deadline assuming that whatever is proposed is agreed. I think that’s a better solution than bringing our own AGM forward to early February. If there’s time – if I get a proposal well before 18 January – I might put whatever is proposed out to everyone to see whether there is any opposition, in which case a meeting might not be necessary if there is none. Hope that’s OK with everyone.


Below you will find reports of the Christmas Lunch by Anne and of the New Year ride by Suzanne

2020 Subs – one last time!

Just in case there’s still anyone who hasn’t renewed their membership for 2020 – and wants to I’m repeating our Treasurer/Membership Secretary’s message below once more


Next Year’s Subs Message from Julian

Your Clarion subs for 2020 will be due on 1 January. The fee will be £15, as Brighton & Hove section agreed at its last AGM to a local sub of £3 to supplement the national fee of £12. It is some time since we had a local sub, but it is necessary to levy one every few years as our bank balance dwindles. (The £12 all goes straight to the national Clarion).

The £3 will contribute towards various costs such as website fees, together with providing a buffer in the event of an increase in national Clarion fees (last year we lost a substantial portion of our reserves following an unanticipated national fee rise). The subscription does NOT buy members any “services” other than third party insurance, which is covered by the national portion of the sub. All our rides and other events are organised by members, on a voluntary basis.

Membership details are held in an on-line database called “Membership Mojo”, to which you should have been given a unique login that does not require a password, and you can use this to update your details.  Membership Mojo has the facility to renew directly by making a payment to Paypal, but we have disabled this because we cannot access our Paypal account. Instead, you need to EITHER transfer £15 by BACS to our account at the Co-Operative Bank, sort code 08-92-99, account no. 65377325, with your name as the reference, OR send a cheque for £15, payable to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club, to:

Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club
92a Springfield Road
Brighton BN1 6DE

Julian Arkell,


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