The Last Ride 28th November 2021

Clarion Ride Preston Park to Wivelsfield 28/11/2021 Tessa’s report.

Jim was waiting for us at the north end of Preston Park. Tessa arrived first, quickly followed by Doris and Nick.

We set off south along the park before heading uphill on Surrenden Road to the track running alongside Ditchling Road. Before reaching Ditchling Road we had a little detour up Beechwood Road to avoid having to ride on the main road.

The sun was out but a cold blast coming from the north-west hit us as we rode along the Ditchling Road track.

Only on reaching Stanmer Woods did the cold air abate but the winds must have been strong in the last few days because the first thing we saw was a newly uprooted tree.

The woods were dappled and golden. Part of the off road route to the Beacon crosses fields where puddles were still iced over.

November 28, 2021: Preston Park to Wivelsfield

A downhill sweep from the summit then right into Underhill Lane which is just the width of a ‘Chelsea Tractor’, the first vehicle we met.

The road gently undulates coming to a crossroads of the B2116 where we followed the Plumpton signpost.

We turned left at the corner of a vineyard onto Streat Lane, again an undulating road, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow. The sun was behind us and we could see the drivers coming towards us being blinded by it.

There was a nasty moment where one large vehicle travelling too fast came very close to hitting us.

At a T junction we turned left then right onto 100 Acre Lane and soon arrived at Wivelsfield Green and the Cock Inn, our lunch stop.

No room for us in the pub so we had booked an outdoor table in a covered area which had overhead heaters which we could turn on with a remote control.

Everyone enjoyed their food and drinks , which included warm mulled wine. Conversation was around jazz clubs and other gigs, opinions on anti-vax protestors, and future rides- we have one in the bag for 2 weeks time.

It always feels colder getting on our bikes after a winter pub lunch though Nick said the mulled wine helped!

It was only a few miles to reach Wivelsfield station , along a busy sun-blinding road and then a turning into quieter World’s End Lane.

A short wait at the station before we piled into the train home.

A lovely day out in beautiful autumn weather with excellent company.

Thank you Jim.

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