The Last Ride 2nd January 2022

Carats Cafe ride report

Although I was convinced that some sort of new year covid restrictions would affect our January 2nd ride to Carats Cafe, the government appears to be ignoring scientific advice and continuing with their herd immunity covid gamble with public health. For those of us still concerned about the pandemic, there was space outside Carats to eat our late breakfasts.

It was lucky the Sussex Nomads cyclists had decided to vacate their seats in time for those Clarionistas willing to sit inside. Those of us who opted for seating outside were fortunate to share our food with a group of friendly starlings. I might have to return to Carats before next year’s Clarion ride in order to greet the delightful starlings again.

I’ve uploaded a few photos from this year’s Carats visit to the Flickr link below.

January 2, 2022: New year Carats ride

Jim has already posted some photos on the Clarion Facebook group of his recce for the forthcoming Preston Park ride to Hove Park & Hurstpierpoint. I’m looking forward to joining him on January 23rd for the second Clarion ride of 2022.

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