The Next Ride: Sunday 22nd May

Three Bridges Circular via Weir Wood Reservoir
Worth – East Grinstead – Weir Wood Reservoir – Turners Hill

The revised route for this ride removes the absurdity of going down a whopping great hill just to go up the other side, in order to have lunch at a somewhat mediocre pub. Instead I am proposing that we have lunch in East Grinstead town centre, so that those wanting a shorter, hill-free route can ride along the Worth Way from Three Bridges, have lunch, and
ride back again (about 16 miles).

There’s a byelaw in East Grinstead that prohibits the consumption of anything except burgers in pubs, so I suggest we have lunch at a café or restaurant. There is a small Italian café in the high street which I have sampled and found to be OK, reasonably priced though a bit of a limited menu. I am not sure I can book a table but will try if enough people contact me. Other venues are available to suit diverse tastes.

Those of us wanting a longer ride will then say goodbye to the others and ride along the lovely Forest Way, as far as the ruin of 17 th century Brambletye Manor, then along a bridleway and quiet roads to the bird hide by the reservoir in Legsheath Lane. The return route will be the same as before, along the bridleway past Stone Farm Rocks and across this lovely quiet section of the Medway valley, where, if we are lucky, we’ll hear the Bluebell train’s whistle echoing through the trees. Then, after some regrettably busier roads, we’ll reach the long downhill swoop from Turners Hill, stopping off at Tulley’s Farm on the way back for tea, then back to Three Bridges.

Length: 24 miles. Some undulations on quiet roads. About half of the ride is off-road, on hard surfaces.

Start from Three Bridges station at 10:30 am. Take the 09:59 Bedford train from Brighton.

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